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(#437) Your Meeting Deserves a K.I.S.S.

Keep It Simple and Short Do an internet search for “effective meetings” and you will find a few suggestions. About 185 million. Is there a “secret sauce” for an effective meeting? A few questions to consider as you plan your … Continue reading

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(#401) Improv and Leadership

Incompetent and fear-based managers rely on rigid scripts. Sam Wasson’s Improv Nation: How We Made a Great American Art provides lessons for transformational leadership. As early Improv players experimented and developed the art form, they learned the power of two … Continue reading

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(#316) Process, Trust, And Organizational Growth: An Optimistic Approach

Trust is what teams, students, teachers, employees and leaders need in order to challenge the process on the way to a better answer.   Earlier this week I stumbled upon some notes from a meeting I attended more than two … Continue reading

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(#68) I Know…But…!

It’s not about you….it is ALWAYS about the audience. If you do not connect; if you do not involve; you do not get your message across. Ever. Jethro Leroy Gibbs (NCIS) would head slap me. I, however, will chance it … Continue reading

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#35 The Antidote for Toxic Meetings: Be Brief, Be Bright, and Be Gone!

“This is time I will never get back.” Such was the lament of a colleague at a recent meeting. Between mountains of statistics tossed our way, PowerPoint slides jammed with way too much information, and speakers talking at the audience … Continue reading

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