(#401) Improv and Leadership

Incompetent and fear-based managers rely on rigid scripts.

Sam Wasson’s Improv Nation: How We Made a Great American Art provides lessons for transformational leadership.

As early Improv players experimented and developed the art form, they learned the power of two words: Yes, and.  When players adheres to this rule, they do not deny their stage partners. They enhance and enable. The partners deny their respective egos for the sake of the scene.

Wasson describes it like this:

Rule 1, the central tenet of agreement, would never be overturned. For the rule of “yes, and” is the rule that make cohabitation possible; it is improvisation’s peace treaty, its bill of rights…”Don’t deny” really worked.

“Yes, and” gets the players out of their heads and requires each person to listen, really listen, to the other people. They travel and “get there” together.

Extraordinary leaders understand the power of “Yes, and.”  That mindset allows for challenging assumptions and moving into the future. Reform-minded people can end up shackled to the past, mired in so-called “best practices.”

Incompetent and fear-based managers rely on rigid scripts.

Transformational leaders break the script and know how to connect with the people in front of them.

My former college entered a critical and exciting stage this past week. The District Board of Trustees has begun its search for a new president.  I have urged the Board to look for a transformational leader who is capable of authentic “Yes, and” conversations.

Building community one “yes, and” at a time.

Video recommendation for the week:

Can you engage in both convergent and divergent thinking?  As this video suggests, leaders might be predisposed to “edit too quickly.”

Make it an inspiring year and H.T.R.B. as needed.

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