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(Issue #639) To-Don’ts, What Ifs, and the Anxiety Loop

Is this how I want to live the remaining years of my life? ~~~~~ We all have experienced the challenges associated with having too many things on our to-do lists. We add and add and add and… There are times … Continue reading

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(Issue #638) The Sword or the Flower

What may appear to be an arrow or a sword we can actually experience as a flower…It depends on our relationship with ourselves.” ~Pema Chodron ~~~~~ All of us have experienced those moments when something or someone has shattered us, … Continue reading

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(Issue #637) Tying Your Shoes and Wisdom

We can all benefit when we acknowledge and embrace that the light of wisdom shines from generation to generation. ~~~~ What does wisdom mean? The answer to that question differs from person to person, group to group, and day to … Continue reading

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(Issue #635) The Ugliest House in America?

We stumble from room to room looking for bright spots. Making do. Or perhaps we recognize we need to change. ~~~~ This piece came to me from two disparate sources. One from a Henry David Thoreau quote. The other by … Continue reading

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(Issue #634) Snow White and Her 8th Protege?

May you find peace in the new year and a distraction-free zone to catch your breath. ~~~~ (If Snow White brought on an 8th protégé, what would his or her name be? Read on for one possibility.) Hi. I’m Distracted. … Continue reading

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(Issue #633) In Your Hands

The following came to me during my morning meditation: In Your Hands In your hands, you hold the focus In your hands, you hold the promise In your hands, you hold the possibilities In your hands, you hold the discipline … Continue reading

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(Issue #632) I Wanna Be A Kid Again

But if he changes the then, his now, including all the good parts could be eliminated.What would you do? ~~~~~ The song came to me like so many others. A line kept repeating itself in my ear. I wanna be … Continue reading

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(Issue #631) Impatience: Virtuous or Narcissistic?

“I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my way in the end.”~attributed to Margaret Thatcher~ Impatience. Does it—impatience—reflect our times? An internet search immediately brings up thousands of choices on our screen. We can get overnight delivery,  listen now to … Continue reading

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(Issue #630) Everyone Has An Agenda.

We can get caught up in soundbites and loaded words and forget to dig deeper. ~~~~ Ever notice when someone advocates for something she likes, it’s usually framed as value-driven, common sense, rational, or obvious? When that same person, however, … Continue reading

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(Issue #629) Flibbertigibbet Is My Name. Jabberwocky Is My Game.

May each of us help turn collective monologues into authentic dialoguesin which all in the room have a chance to be heard, understood, and questioned. ~~~~ “Hey, Sam. How are you doing?” “I’ve been better, Jim. Just found out I … Continue reading

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