Community Bright Spots!

Every community has its bright spots. They come in the form of the residents, nature, art, and iconic architecture (to name a few). At times, we might take these for granted. Life gets in the way as we rush from one space to another. Or maybe we have our faces buried in our digital distraction(s) of choice.

The purpose of this page is to encourage you to stop and reflect on the bright spots in your community. Focus on photos and minimal verbiage. Remind your neighbors of the treasures down the street and around the corner.

I live in Atlantic Beach, Florida. In close proximity (within walking distance) you will find Neptune Beach, Florida and Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The photos you will find linked to on this page have been taken by me in those beach communities.

Most mornings find Roxie (my canine companion) and me on the beach appreciating the sunrise and new opportunities the dawn brings. You can find those posts on my Instagram page and Facebook page.

Click on the links below. Enjoy the photos. I hope they inspire you to seek out and celebrate your Community Bright Spots.

Outdoor Murals (posted June 6, 2021)

Neighborhood Schools (posted June 8, 2021)

Jacksonville Beach Lifeguard Station (posted June 15, 2021)

Neptune Beach Lifeguard Station (posted June 22, 2021)

Atlantic Beach Lifeguard Station (coming June 29, 2021)