Community Bright Spots! Public Beach Accesses

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I have posted a few of my (recent) favorite photos of beach sunrises. Always a peaceful and reflective time of the day to get in touch with one’s senses.

But to enjoy the sand, surf, sea breezes, and sun, one has to be able to access the beach.

I am fortunate to live in an area that provides access to the shoreline. (Now, parking at some accesses can be an issue.)

If you were to peddle your bike or jog from the northern end of Atlantic Beach, through Neptune Beach, and end up at the southern end of Jacksonville Beach, you will pass more than eighty (80) public beach accesses. Some offer a fair number of parking spaces others a few street-side spots. You will find benches, bike racks, trash cans, and showers. Some access points have sand paths through the dunes. Others have walkover structures. Click on the links above for specific information on the location of beach access points.

Public access to a wonder of nature. A true community bright spot!

Enjoy a few of the these access points below.

All photos ©Steve Piscitelli. 2021.

Enjoy your week. And remember to stop and appreciate your Community Bright Spots!

The next expected bright spot: Public Skateboard Parks in the beach communities.

And if you’d like to hear about bright spots from the mouth of a dog, check out Roxie’s bi-weekly blog. WOOF!

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©2021. Steve Piscitelli
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