(#72) My Forever Friend

Who are the people who are there for you—and you for them?
Who are your forever friends?

On Thursday and Friday of this past week I attended memorial services for a college friend who had suddenly died. Warren Mack will be missed dearly by his friends and family. I know my wife and I will miss seeing him in the park or on the beach with his dogs. He never missed an opportunity to stop and chat. He always asked about us and our dog, Buddy.  Even when he wasn’t feeling well, Warren found a way to smile. Whether he was talking about his beloved Baltimore Orioles, his pups, or life at the beach, he knew how to connect.  That is what authentic people can do…they connect with those around him.

Two dear friends of Warren spoke at his Friday memorial service. Both spoke about what it meant to “be a friend.” One said that Warren wanted to be everyone’s friend. That was Warren. He enjoyed life; he enjoyed those around him.

The second, Joy, read a short piece that had the tag line of “my forever friend” running through it. I had not heard it before, and truth be told, I do not remember anything from the reading except the words “my forever friend.”

A quick Internet search turned up a wonderfully beautiful song by Charlie Landsborough with the chorus of

He’s my forever friend
My leave-me-never friend
From darkest night to rainbow’s end
He’s my forever friend

Another poem (unknown author) shares the same sentiment

When I think of all the times we’ve shared
from the silly to the sad.
You’ve been the greatest friend to me
through good times and through bad.
We love to get crazy from time to time,
that’s what friends are supposed to do.
But when times get rough
there is never a doubt that I can count on you.
We have the kind of friendship
that endures ’til the very end.
Because I can’t imagine my life without you-
My Best and Forever Friend

These words made me think about the power of friends; the power of connection.  Even George Bailey (It’s a Wonderful Life) reminds us that “No man is a failure who has friends.”  Well, Warren had his friends; still does. And we will miss him.

Who are the people who are there for you—and you for them? Who are your forever friends? Have you told them lately?

Enjoy your week!

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18 Responses to (#72) My Forever Friend

  1. Tiara S says:

    Mr Piscitelli i am so sorry for your lost. Your friend is in a better place and i believe that he was a good person. He will always be in your heart. I am pretty sure that he lived a good life and will be truly missed.


  2. Tekelia White says:

    HI , Professor sorry about the lost of a dear friend of the family of your .It seem to me that the memorial service went really well do to the fact the young man was an good heart dearly friend among peers and family. I truely like the first poem thats a good poem .Also my prayers will go out to you and his family.


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  4. Angelica T says:

    Im so sorry for your lost professor piscitelli,i no what it’s like to lose a childhood friend. I never knew how much they really ment to me until i was at the memorial and relized they where gone forever.I often think about my friend and the times we had and it now makes me appreciate the few i have left.


  5. La La says:

    Hi Professor,
    Sorry bout you lost. You been knowing your friend since college and to me that was kinda like losing and real close family member. Cause if I lose my best friend it would feel like I have lost a little sister. It would be hard to deal with it,but at least you knew he lived a good life and going to a better place and watching down on you.


  6. The doctor is taking my blood pressure.You need to workout.I heard some one laughing.Every man is fool sometimes, but none at all times.Me too.I wonder if they can make itI wonder if they can make itWhat ever I saidhe’d disagree.Winter is a cold season.I’m thinking of hanging the lamp from the ceiling.


  7. Nick J says:

    Just from reading this post I can imagine the kind of guy that Warren was. I love people like that and it’s a quality, though rare, that I look for in friends. I’m the kind of person who likes to make friends with everybody I meet too. I’ve always wanted people to like me for some reason, maybe even to a fault. But High School really taught me how to distinguish true friendship from party friends. It’s very important to have friends who will truly give you their best– whether it’s advice or even just talking to you when you’re having a not so hot day. I always try my best to help a friend in need and I really take pride in being a good friend.


  8. talisha says:

    mr.piscitelli, im sorry to hear bout your lost. i can see warren was a truly great friend. i can relate because i have lost a great friend of mine and it was my grandma, i lost her last year in january from heart failure. she lived 91 years but she was best granny and friend i ever had, and i truly miss her. so i really understand how u feel about friendship


  9. Marcynthia says:

    The post makes me wonder who is my forever friend? Am I someone’s forever friend? Just by the small post you can see that your dear friend Warren was an excellent friend someone that can make a sad person lift with rejoice.Thinking about my bestfriend from elementary who is the total opposite of me but the one who I can trust without a doubt. I know inside she is the person who will be my forever friend. Even the fact we can go years with out seeing each other or communicating, but when we do it’s like we never missed a beat. Brittney is her name and she will be my forever friend just as well as Warren is to you.


  10. Ron says:

    Reading this I can see that Warren Mack was a good Friend but more like a Brother to you. It’s very touching because I lost a Friend like this!


  11. Kena says:

    Friendship in my eyes is very important. I actually take it pretty serious. I always think to myself, especially now that im older, “How will I be remembered if I were to leave this earth”? I’m sorry about your friend. He left a good impression on you. And I strive for that on a daily basis. I definitely have a forever friend and I know I am her forever friend. I love my bestfriend to life.


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