(#73) Going for the Goal

Sometimes mentors can help us…And while they are of
incalculable value, there is another resource that sometimes
gets ignored.  You!

For their midterm review, my students examined their goals and their actions to get to those goals.  I find reading their reflections to be one of the more energizing times of the semester.  To be sure, some students just go through the motions writing a number of clichés.  The vast majority, though, look at this exercise as a welcomed time to reflect on what is important to them—and what they need to do to get closer to the dreams they have. 

I encourage my students (and the audiences I work with around the nation) to put their dreams into action if they want them to become reality. In fact, a lack of action will create its own reality.  (See my blog post “What We Say, We Become” https://stevepiscitelli.wordpress.com/category/words-and-action/.)   Saying it and reading it does not necessarily make it a reality.

Sometimes mentors can help us translate thoughts to action.  These wise folks can be powerfully motivating forces in our lives.  They can guide, shape, cajole, and nurture us on our way to our dreams.  And while they are of incalculable value, there is another resource that sometimes gets ignored.  You!

In this month’s issue of Success magazine, Darren Hardy (the publisher) makes the point that

Today there are more teachers, preachers, coaches, consultants,
mentors and “experts” at your disposal than ever. But the most overlooked,
underutilized and divinely powerful resource of them all is you—your own
inner voice, intuition and instinct.


Video recommendation for the week:

Stedman Graham reminds us to focus on our identity. Don’t let others define us.

You don’t need a midterm examination to reflect on your goals, your actions to get to your goals, and who you are.

Give yourself the luxury of doing that self review right now.  Look at what you are doing—or not doing—and make the adjustments you need to make.

Enjoy your week!

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