#8 Finding Your Happy Place

On a clear crisp March Saturday in 2009, my wife and I were enjoying lunch at a marina in St. Augustine, Florida. The occasion was my birthday and a Willie Nelson concert later that evening. Such a laid back day reminded us of all we had to be grateful for in our lives: our health, our friends, our marriage, our community.  To be sure, hardships have presented themselves along the way, but we have been fortunate.  We were in a happy place.

As we talked, I started to jot down a couple of thoughts about what can drive people (us included) to distraction at times.  My short list included: work stresses, relationship issues, economic woes, environmental concerns, health challenges, and political frustrations.  These things (and more) can grind people down day after day. Wouldn’t it be nice, if people could find a place—physically or emotionally—were they could back away from the stresses of life and recharge—even if for a few moments? A place that would bring a bit of peace—a slice of happiness.  In other words, finding their own happy place!

Before we paid the bill that day, I had penned most of the words to my song Find Your Happy Place!  Today, the song is complete—and the title track for my new CD.  It is a reminder that we have to care for ourselves.

So, with that in mind, I would like for this blog post to be a compilation of your thoughts on what you do to find your happy place.  Where is it? Is it a physical place? An emotional retreat? A spiritual touchstone? A community gathering—or an isolated spot?  Let’s focus on those ethical and legal ways you maintain balance in life.

I look forward to reading about your happy place!

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17 Responses to #8 Finding Your Happy Place

  1. Lisa Barton says:

    I’m happy to say that I heard a preview of your upcoming album and LOVE the “Find Your Happy Place” song! I just returned from a 2 week trip to the coast of Maine–definitely my happy place. Our cottage is basic, only a small step above camping. That’s one of the things I like the most. I feel like I’m outside all the time. We’re so far out in the sticks that there’s no cell phone coverage, and until this year, we didn’t have a TV or a computer. Somehow we always have something to do (reading, hiking, gardening or napping). Not only do I not wear any make-up, I don’t think I even brushed my hair. Since my kids don’t usually bring their friends and they can’t text, we spend lots of time together doing cheesy things like boards games and puzzles. It’s wonderful! Thanks Steve!


  2. Sounds like it is back to the real basics: connection with self, connection with those who are important, connection with nature. And it DOES sound absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!


  3. Charity Moore says:

    Finding my happy place is something that I need to do, thats why I chose this blog to write about. It would be really nice if I did have a place to back away from all the stresses in my life and take time to recharge myself physically and emotionally. Having a happy place is something that everbody should have because everyone goes through certain things that could drive a person crazy. Finding that happy place is just what I need to ease all the stress and relax so that I will be able to concentrate on the bigger and better important things in my life.


  4. Joelle L says:

    what i have learned in life about real happiness is that it comes from with in. i can’t depend on others to make me happy or depends on circumstances to make me happy.Why is being happy important to me? Happiness is my highest goal of achieving many of my cherished goals. If i am happy then everything in my life is on track.


  5. Brennan P says:

    My happy place physically, would have to be the St. Augustine beach. I have been going there since I have been an infant. I have a condo/resort there. I find when I’m sitting on the beach, my thoughts are cleared. I just feel… HAPPY! I think that beach has a mental effect on me as well. When i get stressed I take a trip down there and let the waves wash my stress away! I love listing to the song Toes by Zac brown band while on the beach. So for me music and the beach puts me at peace.


  6. Avais G says:

    Home with my daughter and new husband is where I’m the most comfortable. Home is where I can let loose and relax.Its where Im the happiest! I can be myself at home and just put away all the stressors of the day or week.I spend a lot of tiem at home because there I know I wont be confronted with outside nonsense.I love to spend time at home home,my husband calls me a home-body!


  7. Michael R. says:

    Finding my happy place is when I find myself having peace within myself. Its that time of day where surroundings are what I would call “peace be still”. It’s a time of relaxation, a feeling of tranquillity, away from the hustle-bustle. Whether with my girl, or alone, if I can find peace with myself I’m happy. I look forward to that space, such a beautiful place.


  8. Brittany Elaine Eisenman says:

    My happy place is definitely the beach. I like to sit there and watch the sun rise or set and as that happens I let my worries free. Of course they won’t be gone but for the moment while I am sitting there listening to the waves crash, my mind is at ease. I feel at peace watching the beautiful canvas infront of me and I have to sit back and ask myself how can you not be happy when everything around you at the moment is so beautiful, calm and breezy!


  9. Shatral says:

    A couple months ago, I couldn’t even describe to anyone what my happy place was or if I ever had one. Recently, my happy place has been looking into the eyes of my mother and girlfriend and seeing how proud they are with me continuing my education and sticking to my goals and dreams. My two biggest supporters and the loves of my life my mother and my queen.


  10. dheedhee says:

    I’m pretty much at that point , where its so much going on around me when it comes to family,relationships, and life that its really consuming my thoughts and giving me nothing but a blur of life. But, just like you said we all have our happy places that we need to find. I went and redecorated my room because decorating takes my mind off a lot.


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