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#5 “Balance Is Not Necessarily Even”

[NOTE: I previously posted this on Blogger on June 27, 2010.] [NOTE: This is an excerpt from my recently released book Choices for College Success (Boston: Pearson Education, 2011, pages 17-19.) While the book addresses student success, the topic for … Continue reading

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#4 When is being selfish not being selfish?

[NOTE: I previously posted this on BLOGGER on June 20, 2010.] In his book, Choices That Change Lives, Hal Urban presents a powerful activity that I have adapted and used in many of my workshops. There are three steps: First, … Continue reading

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#3 A Value Without Virtue Can Be Dangerous

[NOTE: I previously posted this on Blogger on June 13, 2010.] Cleaning out some old files last night, I came across a presentation that I made a number of years ago to a group of high school students on their … Continue reading

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#2 Moving from Unremarkable to REMARKABLE!

[NOTE: I previously posted this on Blogger on June 6, 2010.] In the immediate aftermath of the abortive Time Square car-bombing (May 2010), media sources began painting a picture of the alleged suspect in the incident.  One particular description caught … Continue reading

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#1 Social Media–Know When And How To Use It

[NOTE: I previously posted on Blogger on May 31, 2010.] I am in Austin, Texas presenting at the NISOD conference.  Yesterday I had the good fortune to facilitate an all-day pre-conference institute with Robb Sherfield (author of Cornerstone) and Amy Baldwin … Continue reading

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