Steve in Less than 60 Seconds


  • Facilitates pragmatic conversations to help audiences raise awareness, challenge assumptions, and create actions about their environments.
  • Focuses on the practical not the theoretical.
  • Is a facilitator and author who draws on 63 years of life experiences (more than half of those in teaching and professional development opportunities).
  • Lives the mantra: Life is too short to associate with negative people, pessimistic attitudes, and “breaking news” alerts.
  • Loves where he lives, who he lives with, and what he does.
  • Takes time to build authentic relationships rather than manipulative exchanges.
  • Has written ten books, written and recorded two music CDs, and produces a monthly podcast channel.
  • Is honored when any group invites him to share time with its members.

Steve would welcome the opportunity to work with your organization. When he steps into your workshop or meeting, he educates, energizes, and entertains. Steve provides a memorable experience!

7 Responses to About

  1. Sarah says:

    Hello Steve — Thank you for your thoughtful answer to my question on LinkedIn. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading more. Take care! -Sarah


  2. betsy valentino says:

    Hey Steve, you’ll never guess who, but I am looking forward to your webinars starting in july. want to try to unjumble or clean house, its all the clutter in my daily life —I am merely being “re-active” to the everyday stuff. want to focus on a re-birth or self discovery of sorts. be inspired to wake up and feel the desire to learn, try, fail, suceed and maybe amaze myself.


    • Hey, Betsy! Great to hear from you. Glad you will be part of the webinar(s). We will touch on what (I am sure) you already know…maybe we just need to tap that great reserve of talent and desire you have. Sounds like you have the awareness…time to set a plan and take action–and believe in what you can do. Stay focused on Betsy…stay focused on the six dimensions of life… And stay in touch. 🙂


  3. Mimi Folk says:

    Steve… Your blog has been something for which I am grateful each week. You give me ideas to chew on, frequent smiles, and on occasion, reasons to dig deeper into my own relationships with students and my own beliefs.

    Thanks! (And happy New Year)


  4. Cesar Hernandez says:

    Hey there, Steve! I want to thank you for the blog and the “Study Skills: Do I Really Need This Stuff?” book! I learned a lot from attending college to proper time management with your advice and teachings within the textbook.


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