#1 Social Media–Know When And How To Use It

[NOTE: I previously posted on Blogger on May 31, 2010.]

I am in Austin, Texas presenting at the NISOD conference.  Yesterday I had the good fortune to facilitate an all-day pre-conference institute with Robb Sherfield (author of Cornerstone) and Amy Baldwin (author of The Community College Experience).  One of the topics we discussed was how to use social media for motivation and engagement in the classroom.  This was (probably) the 6th or 7th time we have worked with this topic in a workshop setting.  This morning, I did a solo session titled “The Dot Commies Are Comin’ The Dot Commies Are Here!” Again, this was about social media in the classroom.  No matter where in the country we do this workshop, there are a couple of recurring points:

  • NO matter who your audience may be, when using social media KNOW why you are using it. In other words, don’t use it to be cute. Use it with a purpose.  Match your strategy to the goal.  This holds true for the classroom or the boardroom.
  • People are interested in SKYPE. The ability to video conference (two people) computer to computer for FREE and with good quality is attractive.  Audio conferencing with more than twenty people at a time is also available. One participant yesterday was excited about the prospect of using this technology to connect with students on various campuses.
  • Digital video cameras allow you to develop quick (and high quality) learning objects for students, staff, community groups, and the like.
  • No matter how good the technology is there are bound to be glitches.  Recognize that, accept that, and plan for it. BUT do not avoid social media and technology because there MIGHT be a glitch.
  • As a teacher it is my responsibility to let my students know this technology exists. They can choose to use it or not…but they need to know it is there.  And it is not going away!  Which leads to my last point…
  • As Eric Qualman points out in his book Socialnomics (http://socialnomics.net/), social media is not a fad. It is not going away.  We should do what we can to help shape the discussion about appropriate uses of the technology for teaching and learning.  Again, this is important for the classroom and the boardroom.

I welcome your thoughts on the best way to use social media to connect in education–and in the corporate world.

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10 Responses to #1 Social Media–Know When And How To Use It

  1. Jessica says:

    Facebook, for example, can be used to improve someones career and education. Say, I want to be a doctor. I would join a group with the same career interest. This is a good way to gain tips from people who are already doctors. Funding sources, for education purposes, are available online. Some of these sources have facebook pages with links to their page, such as Brickfish. The internet is a wonderful tool that is used for a number of things. What people choose to do with it, determines whether or not the out come is going to be a positive or negitive one.


  2. Michael B says:

    I really like the idea of incorporating social media with education. Take Facebook for example a great tool to stay in touch with friends and family. It can also be used to organize study groups or even used to get involved with people or organizations connected to your field of study(major). Also after reading this blog I thought about using skype to create a video conference betweeen two smaller size classes from different campuses. Doing this would increase class discussion by getting more perspectives or ideas involved with each topic. Michael B


  3. mercedes m. says:

    The social media is good for meeting new people, and playing games, like myspace and facebook,but some people take it to the extreme. there,s some people that be on facebook during class, when they suppose to be doing classwork.plus peole texting and driving is a another bad example. social mdeia is fun, but not for when you’re suppose to be doing” important” stuff.


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