(#486) A Metaphor for Growth and Resilience

Some will experience a metamorphosis they never dreamed
they could attain. Others will quietly walk away.

I always looked forward to the first day of the semester. As a teacher, that first day came full of anticipation for me and the students. No matter what went well or not so well the previous semester, day number one represented promise.  Every person who walked in that room, including  me, had expectations for the coming months. We were in that room for a variety of reasons.

One of the many challenges a teacher—the leader of the classroom—has is to understand that each student who walks through the door brings a host of abilities and challenges with herself or himself.  Some enter with confidence and a desire to jump in and start the swim. Others, full of trepidation, barely stick a toe in the water.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli

Some will interact with the environment, looking for opportunities to grow. A few, lacking confidence or role models, do not know the questions to ask, let alone the answers to offer.

Some will experience a metamorphosis reaching heights they never dreamed they could attain. Others will quietly walk away.

The same dynamic will happen for any team.  How does the leader respond?  What does the leader do? How will the team members respond? How should they respond?

Your challenge for the week.

Watch the following short (150 seconds) video with your class, team, neighbors, spiritual community, or community action committee. Each cup of water is a metaphor for how any of us may respond (and, probably, have responded) to a challenge, demand, expectation, or a personal dynamic with another.

What lessons do you see?  What is the role of the leader? What are the roles of each individual in the room?


Video and Lesson Recommendation of the Week

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