(Issue #485) Human Beings with Human Challenges

Benefiting from human connections.

Effective teachers understand that they never know what questions or dilemmas a student will bring through the door. In addition to academic issues, students (just like the rest of us) always have a bag full of personal and family challenges. And those concerns always have an impact on classroom success.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli.

Corporate managers have the same dynamics with people on their team. Ministers with their congregation. An activist with community residents.

And consider the inverse.  The managers, ministers, and activists have their own baggage. Do the people in the room, stop to consider that perspective as well?

Everyone has a story. We might not (and usually do not) know the nuances of those stories.

What we will discover at the heart of each story plot line, however, are human beings with human challenges who can benefit from human connections.

Video Recommendation of the Week

While this short video (59 seconds) addresses faculty issues, consider a space in your life where the questions pertain to you.  After all, no matter the situation, it always comes down to a teaching and learning moment for the people in the room.  We have to pay attention.

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