(Issue #613) Tao Te Ching: Perspective on Life with Integrity

Even the down times—those times when we seem confused and falling short of our goals—
have lessons to teach.


Reading a translation (by Stephen Mitchell) of Tao Te Ching I was taken by seeming contradictions (to my mind) that Lao-tzu used to teach about a life lived with integrity.  Such as:

…Being and non-being create each other.

Difficult and easy support each other.

Long and short define each other.

High and low depend on each other.

Before and after follow each other…. (Verse #2)

As I explored other verses, the lessons began to take shape in my mind and offer a path—a way—to think about a life lived with purpose. The Tao’s meaning was getting through to me. Perhaps as we work with head down, we lose sight of what is in us, in front of us, above us, beneath us, and behind us. We lose perspective.

Fill your bowl to the brim

And it will spill.

Keep sharpening your knife

And it will blunt.

Chase after money and security

And your heart will never unclench.

Care about people’s approval

And you will be their prisoner.

Do your work, then step back.

Then only path to serenity. (Verse #9)

Even the down times—those times when we seem confused and falling short of our goals—have lessons to teach. Times we feel behind, exhausted, and/or in danger present themselves for contemplation and growth. Because if we mindlessly sharpen, sharpen, and sharpen some more (see Verse #9 above), we could end up dulling our senses, emotions, morality, and perspective. A light guides us-if we heed it.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli

…There is a time for being ahead,

A time for being behind;

A time for being in motion,

I time for being at rest;

A time for being vigorous,

A time for being exhausted;

A time for being safe,

A time for being in danger…. (#29)

The way to ourselves requires us to pause and listen to others and ourselves.

Knowing others is intelligence;

Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength;

Mastering yourself is true power…. (#33)


Those who know don’t talk.

Those who talk don’t know…. (#56)

Or as Mitchell states in his Foreword, we need to move toward doing not-doing. Less and less do you need to force things…


Video recommendation for the week.

In his nod to the Tao, Willie Nelson sings (Live at Farm Aid 1993) “Still is Still Moving to Me”.


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