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(Issue #610) Taking Ownership of Your Self-Care

“Taking care of yourself” does not have to equate witha “lack of character, responsibility, and commitment.” ~~~~~ A quote I posted this week on my Facebook page (with one of my morning sunrise beach photos) conjured up two memories: one from the … Continue reading

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(Issue #609) Never Stop Looking for What’s Not There

As you look down the road, what don’t you see?What confounds you?What is absent that, once present, will make your community a more compassionate space. ~~~~~ His words made me sit up in my chair and write a post-it note … Continue reading

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(Issue #608) Interconnections  

Not sure where the words came from but there they sat in my consciousness. ~~~~~ In the Spring of 2015, Laurie and I made reservations to celebrate our 40th anniversary (February 2016) in Jamaica. A few months later she was … Continue reading

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(Issue #607) Who Are Your  Coffee-Cup People?  

We have to be mindful and reach out to those whose values and virtues help build a nurturing, dependable, responsible, friendly, brotherly (sisterly), courageous, hopeful community with high expectations. ~~~~~ In the fall of 2002, I traveled to San Antonio, … Continue reading

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(Issue #606) Renew or Release?

If you are able to forgive, does that mean you have renewed your connection with that person? ~~~~~ A plethora of accolades, news stories, and television spots paid homage to the life and accomplishments of Archbishop Desmond Tutu (died December … Continue reading

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