#9 PRIDE for Life

Last week in Atlanta I spoke about The Five CHOICES for Student Success.  In reality, this was a session about LIFE success. The choices I examined went beyond the classroom and college campus.  If we can practice and adhere to each of these choices, our chances for success increase.  Think of the following as our call to action.  Make the CHOICE to act with:

  • PURPOSE. Know your direction and act with specificity.  What is it that drives you? Why do you put your feet on the floor each morning? What pulls you from bed day after day?  While I find long-term goals quite motivating, they can be rather intimidating to others.  In our fast-food-I-want-it-now-world, they lack immediacy. And they require work. Don’t sabotage yourself with shortcuts and—dare I say—laziness.  Evaluate your goal and the steps you must take to make the goal a reality. If you really want it, start with one step—even if it is a small step.
  • RESPONSIBILITY.  Know what you need to do and take the initiative to get it done.  If you are responsible, your are accountable for your actions. You have to answer for what you do.  Here is a strategy I heard John Maxwell articulate:  At the end of each day, ask yourself three questions: What should I stop doing? What should I keep doing? What should I start doing?  Answer honestly and then take responsible action.  Doing so can move you closer to your goals.
  • INTEGRITY.  Know that you are acting with honesty, respectfulness, and responsibility.  Integrity is doing what is in alignment with our core values. Parker Palmer (Courage to Teach) reminds us that when, “The work we do lacks integrity for us, then we, the work, and the people we do it with will suffer.”  Are your goals aligned with your core values? If they are not, then why are you moving toward them? Some people reach a goal, only to ask themselves, “What the heck was that all about? Is this all there is?”
  • DISCIPLINE. Know how to develop powerful habits.  One author has poignantly said, “The way we spend our days is the way we spend our lives.” How true.  Build habits that lead you toward your dreams; avoid those behaviors that move you further from your dreams.
  • EQUILIBRIUM. Know how to work for balance and well-being in your life. This can be difficult with the stressors of daily life bombarding us. BUT it is vitally important. In an earlier post on this blog site, I suggested that acting selfishly can, in fact, be very healthy. Consider that here.  Understand what you need to do physically, emotionally, and spiritually to maintain balance in your life.  And then do it.

You will notice the acronym formed from our call for action is PRIDE.  This call for action—these five CHOICES—reflect pride in your life; pride in your goals.  What are you doing to do to get what you want?

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12 Responses to #9 PRIDE for Life

  1. Jasmine R.N says:

    The acronym concept-P.R.I.D.E, always had an huge impact on me. There are two things that I mostely possess from this concept-integrity and discipline. I was raised up in the martial arts and in a religiuos family who loves God. obviously, this does not apply to the young generation that I live in. Young adults are always looking for microwave achievement, rather than applying diligent efforts.


    • Nice metaphor: “Microwave achievements”


    • kenneth says:

      I believe discipline is one of the key players in the topic. To maintain balance in reaching a goal I believe this what it takes the most, because if your going to set your mind to accomplish something you must have the discipline to do what it takes to get there. Bad habits and bad company are like a deadly virus to success,they can kill our dreams.
      Having a purpose driven life will create a passionate desire to achieve what you want out of life,at least it has for me. I love this blog.


  2. Jasmine R.N says:

    The acronym concept-P.R.I.D.E, had a huge impact on me. There are two things that I mostely possess from this concept-integrity and discipline. I was raised up in the martial arts and a religios family who love god. Obviously this concept does not apply to today’s geration. Young adults want microwave acheivement, rather than applying diligent efforts.


  3. I love your phrase: “microwave achievement”! It says so much!


  4. Anthony Marrow says:

    The way you broke down the acronym for pride really motivates me to achieve my goal.Discipline and Purpose is what really caught my attention because those are 2 areas I need to buckle down on.


  5. Sony O says:

    Wow, Mr. Piscitelli i really cant be bias toawrd this blog. Pride makes a vaild point on life.The word pride and what it means has a major impact on me. The way this blog was broken down was sensational. This blog should go national, thats just how good it is. I respect this a hundered percent great job Mr. Piscitelli.


  6. Nicole P says:

    I like how P.R.I.D.E, was broken down into ways that will fit in my life. From having discipline to my academics, to having a purpose in life. There is nothing wrong with having pride, only the manner in which U use it. This class is fundamental to me, since it gives the tools to make college a more worthwhile experience.


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