(#71) Hit The Reset Button

There are no guarantees.  H.T.R.B. is no cure-all.
But what is the alternative?  The button will not only get
YOU moving in a positive direction,
it will have a beneficial effect on those around you.

It happened again. One of my students reminded me of the obvious.  She had had a particularly challenging morning last week.  At one point she felt herself about to lose emotional control. Rather than lash out, rather than have a meltdown, she stopped, turned around, and walked away from the latest of a long line of stressors.  She found a quiet spot; she sat down; and then, as she told me, “I hit the reset button.”

After a few reflective moments, she collected her thoughts and made her way to class to face the day—with a smile on her face.

I thought about those times when I’ve felt like the world was a crushing boulder sitting on my chest.  More times than I would like to remember, I let emotion take over in those situations. When I reacted rather than responded to a stressor, the result was ALWAYS less than optimal. Those who know me well realize that I tend to get, shall we say, “passionate” about things. There have been many times when I have wished I, too, had hit the reset button.

(Image by: watcharakan)


While we may not always have the opportunity to find, at the needed time, a quiet place to just “be,” the advice is worth heeding.  

Stop. Be. Reset.

Here are a couple of examples of when that reset button can come in handy. I’m sure you could name many more when it would be in everyone’s best interest to H.T.R.B. (Hit The Reset Button).

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the day-after-day onslaught of grim economic news?
    • H.T.R.B.–Put yourself on a “news fast.”  Limit your intake.
  • Drained by energy vampires?
  • Working too many hours?
    • H.T.R.B.—Understand why you are doing this?  If the overtime is self-imposed, understand why you put yourself (and your loved ones) through a hellish schedule. Where can you make changes? What is truly valuable—your time, your health, or money?  It’s your call.
  • Bored with routine?
    • H.T.R.B.—Best you can, stir things up! Sleep on the opposite side of the bed. Find a new route to drive to work. Do a different routine at the gym. Rearrange your work space or work duties.
  • Taking people around you for granted?
      • H.T.R.B.—Just stop it!  These are the folks who sustain you.   Make time for them. Bob Newhart reminds us of this very simple strategy. 

    Video recommendation for the week:

    Just stop it?

    A friend of ours recently passed on. I can’t help but think what might have changed if he had hit his reset button. There are no guarantees.  H.T.R.B. is no cure-all. But what is the alternative?  I think it was Wayne Dyer who suggested that, when we feel pain, we stop and remind ourselves that we can have this (pain) or we can have peace.  You see, the button will not only get YOU moving in a positive direction, it will have a beneficial effect on those around you. They will be able to enjoy you for the gifts you have to offer each day.   (Image by: scottchan)

    When do you H.T.R.B.?

    Enjoy your week!

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86 Responses to (#71) Hit The Reset Button

  1. Jennifer Taylor sls1103 th 1pm says:

    Hitting the the reset button is more then just taking a breath and relfecting for a minute. Medition with relaxing music can help for a little stress but for me when things just seem like i wanna break i stop everything and take a nap so i wake up with a new mood and new attitude. Calling and talking to a close friend that makes me smile or family helps to expecially for relasonship problems.


  2. Denise says:

    I have found that hitting the reset button is very relaxing during times when things are hectic and chaotic. I had to learn that we all have a reset button, when I was forced to take anger management. I was made aware that things really arent as serious as I made them to be.. I use what I was taught in my session on a daily basis.. Working 7 days a week, and being a full time student, and a single parent I find that it comes in handy.. Meditation , prayer, quiet time, listening to soothing music, these all play a part in me pushing my reset button..


  3. Susan Moore says:

    I really like this blog, I wish we really had a reset button. I know it would come in handy for me! However, it’s easier said than done. Not to mention the fact that you can ‘t always get away from the stresser that is causing the need for a ‘reset’. It’s still good advise though. Being able to step back for a minute allows you to see a different perspective of the situation.


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  12. Isabel M says:

    This has really helped to find balance and priortizing my daily life life is kind of hectic at times and hitting the reset button is neccessary. But I learned what helped me as well was finding time for myself and of course spiritual balance praying and keeping important people who cared about me around me.


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