Community Bright Spots! Sunrise on the Beach

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Roxie (my canine companion) make our way to the sand just about every morning to take part in one of the brightest bright spots of our community: The rising sun over the ocean.

On occasion I’ve heard someone remark, “Oh, the sunrise? They all look the same to me.”


I never tire of the peace, serenity, colors, texture, sounds, and scents. And each sunrise is different-even only for the promise the new day holds for each of us.

For this post, I have gone back and pulled a few 2021 sunrises that Roxie and I have enjoyed. Enjoy! Some of the brightest spots present themselves each day.

All photos ©Steve Piscitelli. 2021

Enjoy your week. And remember to stop and appreciate your Community Bright Spots!

And if you’d like to hear about bright spots from the mouth of a dog, check out Roxie’s bi-weekly blog. WOOF!

My weekly blog can be read here.

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