Issue #588) A Different Kind of Principal’s Office

Got me thinking of the good-natured fun you could have
naming drinks in your workspace or community group.

Maybe even for a family get-together.

Last week, we visited the Schoolhouse Inn in Fernandina Beach, FL. Built in 1886, it housed the first school on Amelia Island. 131 years later (2017), the building was renovated into a cozy 17-room inn with quaint decorations, furnishings, and accoutrements. Cozy accommodations in the historic district.

When you walk in the front door, you will find “The Principal’s Office” off to the left. Unlike what I remember the principal’s office to offer, this one served up alcohol.  And it had a sense of humor.

The bartender told us there have been various incarnations of the drink menu, each adding a little twist of an educational term or practice. Like: Teachers Aide, Paperplane, Spring Break, Hall Pass, Burnout, and TGIF.

Of course, our imaginations began to kick in with new names for the menu. You know, like The Valedictorian or Schoolyard Crush or After-School Party or Teacher’s Pet or Merry-go-round or The Scholar or Time Out! Or ……

Got me thinking, also, of the good-natured fun you could have naming drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol) in your workspace, book club, or community group. Maybe even for a family get-together.

You know, like one named for those gosh awful meetings we have all been subjected to: The Sleep Inducer. Or The Goofy could conjure up the office jokesters. Top Dog could feature top-shelf servings.

So what names are popping into your Egg Noggin right now? (OK. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.)


Video recommendation for the week:

Quick video featuring drinking quotes, with a splash of humor!


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5 Responses to Issue #588) A Different Kind of Principal’s Office

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  2. marianbeaman says:

    Good sharing lunch with you on Thursday, Steve. As a result of our conversation, Cliff and I are planning a night at Schoolhouse Inn and visiting the Story & Song Bookstore. Cheers!


  3. Good seeing you, as well. Have fun in the Schoolhouse and Principal’s Office! 🙂


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