Community Bright Spots! Parks (Atlantic Beach, FL)

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Atlantic Beach, FL has an array of parks scattered throughout the city. Some host sporting events or playground areas. Others serve as quiet places for retreat, reflection, and rest. In addition, the city has a beautiful beach with public access points.

This week, I share photos of a few of the parks and recreation areas. For more information, please go to the city’s website.

Dutton Island Preserve Kayak Launch Area
Dutton Island Preserve
Donner Park
Gail Baker Community Center in Donner Park
Howell Park
Howell Park

All photos ©Steve Piscitelli. 2021

Next week: Park scenes from Neptune Beach, FL.

Enjoy your week. And remember to stop and appreciate your Community Bright Spots!

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2 Responses to Community Bright Spots! Parks (Atlantic Beach, FL)

  1. Gorgeous picture of Howell Park. from “The friends of Howell Park” Gretchen


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