Community Bright Spots! Music as Social Capital

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In 2003, the Atlantic Beach Cultural Arts and Recreation committee supported an idea that led to the founding of two music events: Acoustic Night and Songwriters Night.

Acoustic Night takes place on the lawn of Bull Memorial Park (on the grounds of the Adele Grage Cultural Arts Center). Amateurs and pros sign up to perform a few songs for the gathered audience. Songwriters Night transforms the theater of Gulliford Hall (also on the Adele Grage grounds) into a venue for original music.

For 18 years the events have taken place. They have transformed to virtual at different points during the pandemic. But with the support of the City of Atlantic Beach, a musical host (Mike Shackelford), and talented residents sharing their songs and hearts, these events have become Community Bright Spots! They bring people together to share, listen, support…and repeat. They represent social capital in a community. A way to bring people together for good. (You can read more about this event in my book Community as a Safe Place to Land, pp. 85-87.)

All photos ©Steve Piscitelli. 2021.

Enjoy your week. And remember to stop and appreciate your Community Bright Spots!

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