(Issue #634) Snow White and Her 8th Protege?

May you find peace in the new year and a distraction-free zone to catch your breath.


(If Snow White brought on an 8th protégé, what would his or her name be? Read on for one possibility.)

Hi. I’m Distracted. The 8th and, probably, the one never mentioned to you.

The others get all the credit. Not that I’m jealous or anything. I mean, I get it. Those Seven and the lady herself (Snow) have been around for almost a century. Yep, born in the 1930s or so. So perhaps their names reflect the times. And they—the originals—even have a more recent movie version about their escapades.

None of the other seven, though, has any idea about cell phones, social media accounts, Tik Tok, or texting. They don’t know what it’s like to be on constant alert for an incoming message or call. I really do envy them as they have been able to lead calmer, slower-paced, and less distracted lives. Sure, they had occasional distractions—but they would go bonkers if they had to travel my road for just one hour. They might be Sleepy, Sneezy,  and Bashful—but they would need a real Doc if they were subjected to what I am minute by minute. I’m not sure any of the 7 (or Snow, herself) would survive.

But then again, I’m not sure I’m doing much more than surviving from minute to minute with my weapons of mass distraction as constant companions.

How about you? Do you feel distracted, too?

May you experience more distraction-free moments and increase your inner peace throughout 2023.


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