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(#189) Be Bold. Be Daring. Be Authentic.

Be the person you want to be on the way to being the person you want to be! The New Year always brings calls for new beginnings, resolutions, and renewal.  At the risk of adding to the cliché catalogue of … Continue reading

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(#184) Gratitude: Appreciating Wonder

Life is one choice after another. Why not choose gratitude? The rewards are wonderful. Before class this past Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving) I took out a piece of paper and wrote “Thankful for…” across the top. In a short time, … Continue reading

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(#181) Knowing—Doing—Being

“We are human beings—not human doings.” In a blog on leadership development, Colleen Sharen wrote about the 10/20/70 rule for effectiveness. Simply this means that 10% of leadership development comes from training, 20% from mentoring, and 70% from actually applying … Continue reading

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(#154) What Is Shaping Your Reality?

Positive psychology tells us what we visualize creates our reality. At the end of each semester, my intent is to leave my students with one final lesson that will bring together a few of the main topics and teachings of … Continue reading

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(#146) Do You Have The “Goods”?

For my readers this week, I would love to hear how you implement the GOOD life. Last week’s blog post looked at placing people over technology. I related a lesson learned from a former student (Vik) I had run into … Continue reading

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