(#146) Do You Have The “Goods”?

For my readers this week,
I would love to hear how you implement the GOOD life.

Last week’s blog post looked at placing people over technology. I related a lesson learned from a former student (Vik) I had run into that weekend.

Well, one of the good people to read that blog was Vik’s father, Dr. D. Gopal. He wrote me and responded to my message with these words:

“There is no person to person interaction anymore and we do not know
where we are going to achieve peace of mind and happiness in our life.”

He then offered his prescription for the “good life.” Ten simple commandments; ten good practices for peace of mind and happiness in life.

1. See Good
2. Hear Good
3. Be Good
4. Do Good
5. Look Good
6. Think Good
7. Act Good
8. Speak Good
9. Feel Good
10. Live Good.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli

Photo by Steve Piscitelli

For this week’s post, I will build on the list with an example for each GOOD practice.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

1. See Good

  • No matter how fouled up the day may be, focus on the good in your life.  One practice I like to do is to reflect on “Three Good Things” that happened to me each day.  It helps ground me in the blessings and positive people in my life. Live with gratitude.

2. Hear Good

  • Words can be hurtful. Even well-meaning critiques may sting our egos.  At those times that I am bit thin-skinned, I remind myself that meaningful feedback is a wonderful gift. Listen to it; question it; learn from it.

3. Be Good

  • Remember what your parents told you when you were little and went outside to play: “Play nice!”

4. Do Good

  • Simple acts will make huge differences in the lives of those around you—and yours.  Smile. Say a pleasant hello. Do something nice for someone—even if they do not know you did it.  In fact, do something nice for someone today—and make it an anonymous love offering.

Video recommendation for the week:

The power of gratitude and fortitude!

5. Look Good

  • Take pride in yourself.  This doesn’t require a lot of money. It does reflect a little time, though.

6. Think Good

  • Feed you mind positive thoughts. Yes, negative things do happen. And, yes, bad things happen to good people.  Also, be mindful of assumptions.  More times than not, I find that when I jump to an assumption, it is negative thought. And many times that assumption is not accurate.

7. Act Good.

  • Respond to events. Do not react.

8. Speak Good

  • As Don Miguel Ruiz reminded us in the Four Agreements, be impeccable with your word.  Avoid gossip.


9. Feel Good

  • Take care of the six dimensions in your life: social, occupational, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional.  One will affect the other.

10. Live good.

  • I have a six-word mantra:  “Choose well. Live well. Be well.”  Life can be challenging at times. Always do your best.

Thanks for the philosophic reminder, Dr. Gopal. For my readers this week, I would love to hear how you implement the GOOD life.

Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B. as needed!

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2 Responses to (#146) Do You Have The “Goods”?

  1. devegowda gopal says:

    Dear Mr, Steve,

    Thanks for your response regarding Good life of a man, I am looking forward to meet you and discuss with you further..



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