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(#144) College Retention and Persistence: Ask the Correct Questions

Before we can solve a problem we have to ask the right questions. Today I facilitated a workshop session at the 32nd Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience.  We examined why students stay in college and why they might leave … Continue reading

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(#143) It’s Not Rocket Science!

What examples do you have? When would you like to tell someone “Hey, it’s not rocket science!” You’ve heard the cliché It’s not rocket science! Or perhaps a variation of the same theme that states This ain’t brain surgery!  Each … Continue reading

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(#142) One More Word to Censor?

Are there words we should never say? Are there words we should never hear? And who makes that decision? Back on August 22, 2010, I posed the following questions on this blog: Are there words that we should NEVER say … Continue reading

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(#141) Reimagining Education for Students and Their Communities

We need a fresh set of eyes on how to make education work for the benefit of the students and the communities in which they live. Arthur Levine and Diane R. Dean’s study of college students over a six-year period … Continue reading

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