(#143) It’s Not Rocket Science!

What examples do you have?
When would you like to tell someone “Hey, it’s not rocket science!”

You’ve heard the cliché It’s not rocket science! Or perhaps a variation of the same theme that states This ain’t brain surgery!  Each quip is typically a tagline following a simple and, generally, obvious statement of fact.  It can be used for comic effect or it can drive home a point that a seemingly complex issue is not as intricate as it may look.

I was reminded of the sentiment twice this week.  The first time was while doing research for an upcoming program; the second when speaking with my trainer in the gym. In both instances, the “it’s-not-rocket-science” line reinforced the simplicity of a particular issue and concomitant strategy.

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Image: Ambro/

Video recommendation for the week:

Brain surgery or rocket science? Laugh along with this.

I began to think about times when the statement of “it’s not rocket science” would fit.  Here is a short list.

  • I did a little calculation for my students about the time-sucking activity of watching television.  In short, if you just watch two hours per day for five days a week, by time you get to the end of the month you have spent the equivalent of a 40-hour workweek in front of your HDTV. For some it’s not television but, rather, social media grazing. Wondering where all your time goes?
    • It’s not rocket science!
  • I have heard people say that they were amazed at losing weight just by giving up sugar-laced soft drinks.
    •  It’s not rocket science!
  • A magazine article said one of the best ways to avoid debt was not to buy things you don’t need.
    • It’s not rocket science!
  • In the same category as the item above…Will Rogers quipped, “Too many people buy things they don’t need, with money they don’t have, to impress people they don’t like.”
    • It’s not rocket science!
  • I walked up to one of my students in the campus cafeteria last week. He had been cutting class—and had turned in only one assignment thus far in the semester. His average was hovering around a robust 12%.  He looked at me, shook his head, and said, “I shouldn’t be failing a student success class.”
    • It’s not rocket science!
  • Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion/Momentum can be applied to the power of an individual’s motivation: A person at motion tends to remain in motion; a person doing nothing tends to remain doing nothing.
    • It’s not rocket science!
  • When some people discover that I am an author, it’s not unusual to hear, “I could write a book! What’s the secret to writing a book?” I invariably respond with, “Have you started actually writing your book; putting words on paper?”  The response, “Well, not yet.”
    • It’s not rocket science!
  • Our federal government might make more progress if lawmakers stopped posturing and started synergizing.
    • It’s not rocket science!
  • Forty-five states have passed laws saying it’s illegal to text while driving.
    • It’s not rocket science!
  • Dreams are great. If you want the dreams to become reality, you need to take action.
    • It’s not rocket science!

What examples do you have? When would you like to tell someone “Hey, it’s not rocket science!”

Video recommendation #2 for the week.

Part of comedian Bill Engvall’s stage act includes a routine with the punch line of “Here’s your sign!” He uses it to poke fun at people who say things without thinking (or not!).

Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B. as needed!

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9 Responses to (#143) It’s Not Rocket Science!

  1. John Joseph says:

    Someone asked me, ” why are you doing better than me on the quizzes”? I replied, “are you reading and reviewing” ? He answered, “yes, I read the material 10 to 15 minutes before class”. I would say it’s not rocket science; study and review for quizzes properly.


    • royal russell says:

      I agree we as a society complain about things we are responsible for. For example if you wish to lose weight make sure you burn more calories than you intake then you will lose fat. You cannot lose weight by not chaging your diet, but people pretend that weight lost is a mystery but its proven that excercise + dieting = weight lost. Most of the things we complain about are common sense yet we pretend not to know; you want to pass a course then you must study. Its not rocket science!


  2. Tamela O. says:

    I have a really good example of “It is not rocket science”. Using myself as an example. I am sitting here wondering why does it seem so hard to keep up with all three of my classes, work, and my personal life? Well for one I wait to the last minute to get my school work done to see if it will stick to my brain better since it is only the day before the test. Well, it has not been really working for me these past 3 or 4 weeks since I’ve tried it. I am going to H.T.R.B (hit the reset button) and regress back to better days of studying throughout the week in smaller increments of time…. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE


  3. Eric J. says:

    I seem to have those moments of “it’s not rocket science” more than I’d like. For me it boils down to being more patient in what I’m involved in. Taking just a little more time to think something through. Sometimes our minds trick us into thinking something is more complex than it really is. When we stop and take a breath(H.T.R.B.) we realize a more basic, common sense approach is all we needed.And that can go for anything. Work , school, hobbies, etc.


  4. There’s definately a lot to learn about this subject. I really like all the points you’ve made.


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