(#270) Have You Spent Time With Ida Ownly?

A relationship with Ida Ownly has no future
other than one of contrition, remorse, disappointment, and heartbreak

You know Ida Ownly, don’t you?  I’m sure you (like me) have spent some time with her. And when we do it generally leads to regret, second guessing, teeth-gnashing, angst and stress.

If you have been spending time with Ida I suggest you end your relationship immediately. Otherwise she will own you.

I know a lot of students and career folks who have spent time with her (Ida really gets around!).  Like the students who wasted a semester only to fail a course.  You might hear them say:

  • If Ida Ownly spent more time studying, I wouldn’t be on academic probation.

The employee who did not prepare adequately for her major presentation to the perspective client:

  • If Ida Ownly done my homework, I would have landed that account.

ida ownly

Perhaps you have heard people (or yourself) say:

  • If Ida Ownly saved more I could have retired now.
  • If Ida Ownly called a cab I wouldn’t have that DUI.
  • If Ida Ownly paid attention to my diet and exercise I wouldn’t be twenty pounds overweight.
  • If Ida Ownly only flossed I’d have all my teeth.
  • If Ida Ownly quit smoking I would have saved thousands of dollars (and lung capacity).
  • If Ida Ownly worked less and played more I would have a more contented life
  • If Ida Ownly played less and worked more I would have a more satisfying career.
  • If Ida Ownly paid more attention to my partner/kids/friends/community….
  • If Ida Ownly said….
  • If Ida Ownly done….
  • If Ida Ownly known ….

Ida Ownly, indeed.  A relationship with Ida Ownly (“I had only”) has no future—other than one of contrition, remorse, disappointment, and heartbreak.

Why not make this week the beginning of a new relationship with Ida’s sister, Imma?

Video recommendation of the week:

A musical version of the question “If I Had Only Known.”

Imma Ownly going to do what moves my life in healthy, ethical and courageous directions. Imma Ownly going to live a life of integrity and passion.

imma ownly

What’s your first step? Who will it be for you–Ida or Imma?

Make it a wonderful week—H.T.R.B. as needed.

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