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(#183) Now Is My Time

NOW is truly all we are sure of at anytime. What are we doing with the NOW we are experiencing? This week I received my blog inspiration from a Deepak Chopra meditation session. His centering thought came in a few … Continue reading

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(#182) Making Ends Meet on $27,500 per Month

Why did our college leaders give a newly minted millionaire a housing allowance? NOTE: Those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis recognize that I write affirming posts about student and life success issues. Please pardon me, … Continue reading

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(#181) Knowing—Doing—Being

“We are human beings—not human doings.” In a blog on leadership development, Colleen Sharen wrote about the 10/20/70 rule for effectiveness. Simply this means that 10% of leadership development comes from training, 20% from mentoring, and 70% from actually applying … Continue reading

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(#180) Access and Power of Technology: Carpe Diem!

With a smartphone, you have better access to information than Bill Clinton did when he was the president! How are you using this power? ?4U (I have a question for you): Do we understand what we have at our fingertips? … Continue reading

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