(#183) Now Is My Time

NOW is truly all we are sure of at anytime.
What are we doing with the NOW we are experiencing?

This week I received my blog inspiration from a Deepak Chopra meditation session. His centering thought came in a few simple words: Now is my time!  His premise is simple. Wherever we find ourselves, no matter the situation, recognize this is where we need to be at this time. Embrace it. Grow with it.  The “now” is what we have in hand.

Chopra reminds us that constantly focusing on the end result will cause us to miss the journey. “Regardless of where we are in life,” Chopra intones, “we are exactly at the place we are supposed to be.”  Our choices have brought us to our current place.

While this, at times, might be difficult to comprehend, there is a bit of peace in this philosophy. Speaking as someone who is very goal-driven, I realize I spend far too much of my life either focused on what I have no control over (the past) or that which has yet to transpire (the future).  When I spend time in the past and in the future, I miss the present.  I miss what is with me—and will soon become the past. And when I ruminate on making the future better—again I miss the present.  Do you see the endless self-defeating cycle?

[For the social media addicted, think of this corollary: “HERE is my time.” Ever been with people who are not with you in the present moment? Rather than be WITH you, they constantly tap their  smartphones to see what is happening on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Those people appear to be more interested in living someone else’s NOW.  Kind of sad.]

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Image: dan/

NOW is truly all we are sure of at anytime.  What are we doing with the Now we are experiencing?

As we near finals week on campus, I wanted to help my students celebrate what they have accomplished this semester (past), what was ahead of them (future), but more importantly, I wanted them to remember that what they become today (present) will move them along their journey.

I sent the following email to my students this week. Maybe there is a morsel, a nugget of inspiration for you as you begin your day.

Good morning, young scholars!

You have arrived into the homestretch of the semester…Now, you can actually see what you have accomplished.  Congratulate yourself.  And get ready to cross the finish line with style and grace! 

Here is a quick strategy to keep your energy and passion flowing.  Repeat the following out loud: “Now is MY time!”  Say it again. “Now is MY time!”

Yes, you may have lots of responsibilities with family, children, work, and school. (You must always take care of the NON-NEGOTIABLE priorities in your life.)  And at times you might even feel like quitting.  Remember that each day brings you closer to your dreams—but only if YOU continue to move toward your dreams.  This is your time…what will you do with it?

I look forward to a wonderfully energizing end of the semester.  And remember to say—and mean it—and be it: “Now is MY time!”

Video recommendation for the week:

Finally, the following video that a colleague forwarded to me (thanks, Amy Baskin!) reminds me of the power of now.  Watch the beginning when a little girl steps forward and places a coin in the hat. The experience grows as each new person and group continues to build the now into a powerful experience.  Imagine, if you would, a person passing through the square at the time the coin was placed in the hat. His gaze to the ground, his mind on the destination, as he scurries past the people around him.  What a wonderful concert (the “now”) he misses.

As you prepare for your week ahead, embrace today. Tomorrow, today will be yesterday.  Now really is the time.  How will you embrace and nurture it?

Choose well. Live well. Be well—and H.T.R.B. as needed!

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 Make it a wonderful week!

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8 Responses to (#183) Now Is My Time

  1. Pam Schoessling says:

    Thanks again for the Sunday morning inspiration that feeds me to serve my students!

    Pam Schoessling, M.A.

    Academic Opportunity Center Academic Advisor

    University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Office: Mitchell 177C Phone: 414-229-3775 FAX: 414-229-2863


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  4. Jarius v says:

    I will embrace the moment by taking advantage of every chance i can to better myself. I will take control of situations to use them for my benefit. I will use the moment to make my future better.


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