(#372) Independence

Consider where you can expand beyond your comfort zone.

Insights can come at any time.  We just need to be open.  One appeared a few days ago in a yoga class–while I was doing my best imitation of swaying tree, twisted mountain, and wobbly chair poses. (For those not familiar with yoga, the real names are tree, mountain, and chair.  I bring my own, how do you say, flare, to yoga.)

Our instructor, Shannon, used the imagery of the majestic eagle as we seamlessly moved from one pose to another. (Well, the others in the class moved seamlessly.  I provided sound effects by grunting and tipping over. Nothing like being the session’s star yoga casualty. But I digress.)

At strategic points in our practice, Shannon encouraged us to feel free, like the eagle, and flow with a sense of independence and release. Each inhalation and exhalation helped us to mentally focus, discharge emotional tension, and strengthen our physical selves.

As we moved through the practice, my focus was not so much on what I could not do, but rather on how I could stretch myself—literally and figuratively.  Consider it a metaphor for life.

As you move into this week, consider where you can expand beyond your comfort zone. In what areas have you been reticent to spread your wings? What do you need to release? Fear? Shame? Control? Perfectionism? What do you need to embrace? Confidence? Fortitude? Risk? Uncertainty? Independence? Maybe a coach or mentor could help you focus on your independence.

Does fear limit your life? Do you know how far your wings could spread—if you would allow them to do what they were meant to do? Do you find yourself viewing opportunities from the perspective of “what if I fail” and then getting sucked into the complacency of standing pat?

Bernadette Jiwa’s latest book Hunch reminds us that the “lack of certainty makes us uncomfortable—and it’s something we need to become accustomed to if we want to make progress.”

Anne Lamott shares that “rationality squeezes out much that is rich and juicy and fascinating.”

How can you spread your wings a little further this week to feel that sense of independence that can set you free on the next part of your journey?

Create your future one stretch at a time.

Video recommendation for the week.

Staying with the eagle metaphor, I offer two short videos for your enjoyment. One is a cool computer animation of an eagle’s flight. The other captures the magnificence in nature.

Make it an inspiring week and H.T.R.B. as needed.

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  1. Love this!

    On Sun, Jul 9, 2017 at 7:27 AM, Steve Piscitelli wrote:

    > stevepiscitelli posted: “Consider where you can expand beyond your comfort > zone. Insights can come at any time. We just need to be open. One > appeared a few days ago in a yoga class–while I was doing my best > imitation of swaying tree, twisted mountain, and wobbly chair poses. ” >

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