(#371) Your Life. Your Choices.

What do we choose to allow into our lives?
What do we dismiss from our lives?

On a friend’s recommendation, I bought Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business. The author lays out a simple premise, “If you’re not happy with the current state of your company, you have three choices. You can live with it, leave it, or change it.”

As often happens with business-related works, I find that entrepreneurial strategies have applicability to life issues.

Consider my Six Fs model below.  Pick one dimension from your life that needs some tweaking—that needs change. Maybe “fitness” needs your attention (weight, diet, and exercise).  Take the first part of the statement above: “You’re not happy with the current state of your” fitness.

You can choose to

  1. Live with your current condition and habits, in which case your fitness level does not change—and might well get worse. You make the choice to leave things as they exist. Or you can…
  2. Change your conditioning by making mindful and healthy improvements.

Think of “friends.”  Maybe there is a friend who annoys you more than a date constantly checking text messages during dinner.

You can choose to

  1. Live with the status quo by trying to ignore the behavior.
  2. Leave the relationship.
  3. Change the relationship dynamics by addressing the issue.

The Six Fs (Steve Piscitelli)

Do the same for each of the other four dimensions of your life.  Start with the premise, I’m not happy with the current state of my…finances…family…faith…function.

Then ask yourself a few beginning questions.

  1. What happens if I live with the current state of dis-ease? What will that look like?
  2. What happens if I leave the current state of dis-ease? How will I do that and what will that look like?
  3. What happens if I change the current state of dis-ease? How will I do that and what will that look like?

Change can be messy. Change can be healthy. Change can take time. Meaningful change requires that we raise our awareness, question our assumptions, and take considered action.

A common observation holds that in order to lead others, we must first lead ourselves.

Video recommendation for the week.

I dug back into the video archives for this one.  Although I recorded this on the last day of 2011 (sporting longer hair!), the message remains:  What do we choose to allow into our lives?  What do you have power to change?

It’s our choice.

Make it an inspiring week and H.T.R.B. as needed.

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