(#429) Everything Is Up for Revision

Considered evaluation can alter, broaden, and strengthen our belief system.

My wife and I recently heard several teens deliver a Sunday message at their church. Their individual messages struck common chords about compassion, acceptance, and communal growth. One of the young speakers urged the congregants to view life from the perspective that everything is up for revision.

Consider that for a moment. Rather than believing and acting indiscriminately based on habit, we pause and think critically. How can we appreciate a situation from a different lens?

Everything. Is. Up. For. Revision.

How we view one another. The way we speak. What we read. Where we worship—and why we worship in the manner we do. Our fitness routine. The lack of a fitness routine. What we eat. Who we socialize with. Social media connections.  Our job trajectory. Financial planning.  Sweat equity in our community. Our news sources. How we give back. Our self-talk. What else….?

Considered evaluation can alter, broaden, and strengthen our belief system.    We gather evidence and remain vigilant for the need to shift direction.

Examine the Six Fs of your life. Where is revision needed? What small step can you take this week? Perhaps you can embrace an “ooch” or this strategy.

Everything is up for revision.

Video Recommendation of the Week:

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed. Curly suggests the “One Thing” strategy.

For more about community building and sustainability,
look for my new book due out the beginning of 2019. More information to come.

Make it an inspiring and grateful week and H.T.R.B. as needed.

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