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(#236) Hometown Appreciation: A Different Perspective

Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by daily events. Still, there are people, businesses, locations, and memories in our hometown that add immeasurably to our lives. Take a look at your list of people, things, and conditions for which you are … Continue reading

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(#235) What Are You Doing For Game Film?

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”—Yogi Berra Legendary football coach Paul Brown receives credit for being the first football coach to use game film.  He believed the film would help expose the weaknesses … Continue reading

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(#234) Are You Waiting for It?

You don’t wait for a goal—you work for it.  Perhaps you have heard someone say something like, “I have been waiting for this all my life!”  A student says, “I have been waiting for the day I get my degree.”   Or … Continue reading

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(#233) Feed the Butterflies

The day I stop getting a little bit anxious before addressing a group is the day that I need to stop speaking. This past week I had the pleasure to speak to 1,000 educators at the annual Moran Lecture Series … Continue reading

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(#232) Silos to Bridges

What is your organization doing to break down silos and build bridges? How do you educate, entice, and excite your organization to see the big picture? As I write this week’s post, I’m sitting in the Honda dealership waiting as … Continue reading

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