(#236) Hometown Appreciation: A Different Perspective

Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by daily events.
Still, there are people, businesses, locations, and memories in our hometown
that add immeasurably to our lives.

Take a look at your list of people, things, and conditions for which you are grateful in your life.  Does your hometown make the list?  Your neighbors? Your local businesses? Your recreational areas?

My wife and I are fortunate to live in the wonderful community of Atlantic Beach, Florida.  We love it here.  And while we give thanks each day for where we live, this Thanksgiving we decided to experience our hometown from a different perspective.  We walked up the beach, checked into a hotel and enjoyed our hometown from a different perspective.

We have been enjoying virtual vacations for a couple of decades.  Back in 1998 I wrote a newspaper article about the virtues of a staycation. What we did this past week continued to build on that concept. In one 24-hour period this Thanksgiving we:

    • Got an early check in at the beachfront hotel. Room with a balcony overlooking the ocean.

      Photo by Steve Piscitelli

      Photo by Steve Piscitelli

    • Participated (with discretion!) in the annual Bloody Mary Thanksgiving morning block party here at the beach.
    • Savored an evening meal (room service) overlooking the ocean from our room.

      Photo by Steve Piscitelli

      Photo by Steve Piscitelli

    • Enjoyed an adult beverage in the oceanfront lounge.
    • Did not have to drive to and from our meals. In fact, we did not even drive to the hotel. We put our duffle bags over our shoulders and walked up the beach.  A 15 minute walk.
    • Had coffee waiting at our door in the morning.
    • Watched the sunrise from our balcony.
  • Worked out in the hotel fitness center.
  • Walked to one of our favorite local businesses for breakfast.
  • Walked home.In short, we kept it local and enjoyed what our community had to offer.

Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by daily events. Or perhaps as Bruce Springsteen sang in “My Hometown,” we may have witnessed not-so-positive changes in our community.  Still, there are people, businesses, locations, and memories that add immeasurably to our lives.

Whether you live in the city, suburbs, mountains, the desert, or at the beach, continue to enjoy what your community has to offer. And consider doing it from a different perspective.

Video recommendation for the week:

Who sings with more soul and heart about the hometown than The Boss?


Make it a wonderful week—H.T.R.B. as needed.

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4 Responses to (#236) Hometown Appreciation: A Different Perspective

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  2. Ira D. Alexander says:

    Things in a different perspective are important and spending time at the beach with some you love tends to arouse calm and positive feelings and thoughts that are important in a relationship with someone, especially around holidays.


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