(#104) Baby Boomers Reminisce: Then But Not Now

I asked the Baby Boomers to chime in about what existed “then but not now.”

One evening my wife and I, as we listened to a 60s music channel, reminisced about things that existed when we were growing up–but we don’t see much (if at all) now. Well, we quickly developed quite a list. Things like: 1 rotary dial phone (attached to the wall!) for the entire house; bread boxes; 30 minutes of nightly news—and that was it; there was a 154-game baseball season and a 14-game NFL season.

I decided to throw the question to my Facebook page. I asked the Baby Boomers to chime in about what existed “then but not now.”  I have broadly categorized and posted many of those comments below.  Have fun with the list…feel free to add more of your own.


  • TV aerials on the outside of many homes
  • The word “aerial”
  • Reel-to-reel tape player
  • Super 8 camera and projector, slide projector and screen
  • Spare change for a pay phone
  • Long distance phone calls being kept short because they were a very big deal and expensive
  • Black and white westerns on TV
  • The peacock that appeared right before a TV program that was about to be broadcast “in living color”
  • AM radio—only
  • 9-volt transistor radios
  • Party lines

Music and Entertainment

  • Black and white TV with 4 channels plus about 100 UHF channels with nothing on them but static
  • Cars without AC
  • Single blade razors that sucked
  • Paper maps in your car
  • 33—LPs
  • Big colorful 33 rpm album covers that opened up like some kind of Christmas gift!
  • 45 records—with those plastic inserts so you could play them on a record player spindle
  • Record players—non-stereo
  • Record player needles
  • Records
  • Scratched records
  • Bandstand and Sooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuul Train

Video recommendation for the week:

Enjoy this musical flashback (or, for the younger readers, musical history lesson).


  • No pitch counts
  • Goalies without facemasks
  • Place kickers in football who kicked head-on with their toes
  • Sneaking a transistor radio to school to hear the opening-day game of the baseball season
  • The Yankees ALWAYS won
  • Only 4 bowl games at the end of the college football season
  • Million dollar contracts? Are you kidding me?


  • Tricycles for kids called “big wheels”
  • Candy cigarettes
  • Comics. Lots of them
  • Saturday morning cartoons
  • Lunch boxes
  • Captain Kangaroo
  • Tom Terrific
  • Real Army Navy stores with authentic military items from WWII
  • The little “seal of good standards” emblem you’d see at the end of the credits on a black and white TV show
  • Drive-in movies and drive-in liquor stores
  • EVERYONE watching Ed Sullivan on Sunday nights
  • Wedding registries just for china, crystal and silver
  • No “Save-the-Date” cards for up-coming weddings
  • No limos and beach houses attached to Prom
  • You borrowed Dad’s car for the prom and drank Boone’s Farm in the parking lot before going in
  • No ATMs
  • The phrase “standard shift” for a car with a manual transmission
  • MPH not MPG


  • Milk delivery and milk boxes by the back door
  • Coffee came in one flavor—and that flavor was strong NOT bold
  • What is a credit card?
  • Returnable soda bottles
  • $4 pretty much filled your tank—not just a gallon
  • Bottled water? Drink it from the tap
  • Corner drug stores with a soda fountain
  • Really good stereos and TVs came in furniture cabinets


  • Walking home from school for lunch—and then returning back to school again
  • Fathers who were all veterans of a foreign war
  • “Clean your plate because children are starving in China!”
  • Percolating coffee pots.
  • Litter everywhere along highways (thank you Lady Bird)
  • Dressing up to fly and getting to peek into the cockpit to chat with the pilot before or after your flight
  • Everyone had tickets printed on cardstock
  • No TSA
  • Meals for everyone on planes
  • Suitcases you had to carry, not roll
  • Just about everybody CHECKED their baggage—at no extra charge
  • No in-flight Wi-Fi
  • Home delivery for big cans of “Charles Chips” – yes, potato chips!
  • Front bench seats in cars
  • Accountability
  • Catching fire flies in a jar
  • Sadie Hawkins dances


  • Small pox
  • Small pox vaccine scars
  • Chicken pox
  • Freaking everyone smoked wherever they liked including planes, restaurants and offices
  • DDT and everything that goes with it
  • Cigarette commercials and billboards


  • No Clean Water Act. No Endangered Species Act. No Clean Air Act. No meaningful pollution control for cars or industry
  • Second-class education for minority students
  • Jim Crow
  • A woman was NOT your boss at work
  • Little to no accommodation for disabled persons
  • A draft
  • The Vietnam War

School-aged stuff

  • High school students with after school jobs
  • We got paid 50 cents an hour to babysit
  • School dances
  • Boards and chalk dust
  • You went to the library to find books and do research
  • You probably had an encyclopedia set in your house
  • Portable Royal typewriters

What’s on your list of “then but not now”?

Enjoy your week—and H.T.R.B. as needed!

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7 Responses to (#104) Baby Boomers Reminisce: Then But Not Now

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  2. Rick Kaden says:

    Great posting, Steve. To your list I’d add car styles that changed EVERY year, bakeries with great “hard” rolls, kids playing outside ALL THE TIME, and manners.


    • Thanks, Rick. We have come up with another one: the concept of “clockwise/counter-clockwise.” With digital clocks, phones, watches, computers and the like…will a direction like “move counter-clockwise” have any meaning to younger folks? 🙂


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  5. Kyra says:

    Well as I read I figured you weren’t exactly speaking to my generation. However, there are something I no longer have also.
    Pager- I thought I was the coolest ever!!
    VHS- now you cant even buy a VCR for all the tapes you have.
    Atari- Now I cant even play the video games, there way to advanced.
    That’s all I can think of right now but you got me thinking.
    That’s quite a list, sorry for your loss 🙂


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