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#109 Striving for the WOW Factor! Tips for Presenters

I am always striving for the WOW factor! The people with whom I work deserve that. This weekend I invested hours preparing for a number of programs I will be fortunate to facilitate in the next few weeks. As I … Continue reading

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#108 Lifelong Learning

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. – John Dewey [See below for information about my new webinar series.] Teaching provides an environment that constantly motivates me to learn. Every day—and I mean EVERY day—I learn something … Continue reading

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(#107) If You Don’t Want a Target on Your BUTT, Put a Target on Your BUT!

#107 Excuses can rob us of our dreams and put us on a fast path to irrelevancy. Anytime I receive an invitation to speak I go through a mental checklist about the engagement.  Before I accept I want to make … Continue reading

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A Memo to My Future Me

#106 Take a moment and write to yourself today. What do you want your “future me” to look like, act like, feel like? Have you ever been to a great conference or workshop and come away energized and ready to … Continue reading

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