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(#105) Building a Community: The Power of Reflection

#105 There is a basic need to be heard, to be listened to, to share, and to build a community. This past week I had a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the power of reflection.  My dear colleague, Amy Baldwin … Continue reading

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(#104) Baby Boomers Reminisce: Then But Not Now

I asked the Baby Boomers to chime in about what existed “then but not now.” One evening my wife and I, as we listened to a 60s music channel, reminisced about things that existed when we were growing up–but we … Continue reading

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(#103) Someone Will Help You—I Guess

#103 Big box stores were out hustled and out managed  by a small operation that was happy to see me and quick to provide a service. Back in October of 2011, I wrote the following words on this blog: Have … Continue reading

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(#102) What is the Purpose of Education?

Craftsmen would not continue to use tired and worn out tools that keep them from creating a master product. Why would I do less for my students? Another semester has ended. One of the rhythms that I love about teaching … Continue reading

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