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(#103) Someone Will Help You—I Guess

#103 Big box stores were out hustled and out managed  by a small operation that was happy to see me and quick to provide a service. Back in October of 2011, I wrote the following words on this blog: Have … Continue reading

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(#79) Warholism: What Would We Have Done?

What if back in the day (some 40 or 50 years ago), instead of pay phones and film-loaded cameras we had the social media tools of today available in our dorm rooms and fraternity houses? Consider how the landscape would’ve … Continue reading

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#49 Education and Politics: Problems or Solutions?

First, the good news: This past Friday I had the opportunity to volunteer at the annual Atlantic Beach (Florida) Elementary School Dolphin Dash.  In my elementary school days this would have been called a “field day.”  Specifically for ABE, it … Continue reading

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