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(#218) Stop Saying “I Understand!”

Don’t guarantee what you cannot deliver. By now you probably heard the customer service call from hell that a Comcast customer recently endured. While Comcast apologized, I think most of us can sympathize, empathize and/or identify with the situation. At … Continue reading

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(#217) What We Think We Become

Until she made the decision to start focusing on how her now created her later, she lived a life of unfulfilled expectations. Last week in Chicago, Liz Murray opened our conference with riveting revelations about her journey.  Liz’s story is … Continue reading

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(#216) Value-Driven Actions: What Guides Your Life?

This strategy (let’s call it “Five in Your Pocket”) might be the nudge or reminder you and I need to practice  this week. I have often challenged my students and audiences to write their top three priorities on a piece … Continue reading

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(#215) Consistent Talk or Consistent Action?

What goal will you focus on this week? What action do you need to take to reach the goal? How will you maintain your consistency of action? As I write this, Hurricane Arthur is chugging up the east coast toward … Continue reading

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