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(#217) What We Think We Become

Until she made the decision to start focusing on how her now created her later, she lived a life of unfulfilled expectations. Last week in Chicago, Liz Murray opened our conference with riveting revelations about her journey.  Liz’s story is … Continue reading

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(#195) Nurturing an Internal Locus of Control

A person’s interpretation of an event can have a powerful impact on future motivation. One of the most powerful strategies for success focuses on the concept of locus of control.  Where is the focus of power in your life?  Do … Continue reading

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(#191) React, Respond or Initiate?

Managers react. Leaders initiate. Ready for a little equation solving? What does each letter represent? E + R = O   This equation (I believe it is attributed to Clement Stone) reminds us to pause in our interactions and avoid … Continue reading

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