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(#333) Questioning Risk

It’s OK to go into uncharted and murky waters. Diving in headfirst is optional. When you think of the concept of “risk,” what comes to mind?  For some it may be bold and reckless venturing into the future. It could … Continue reading

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(#324) What Motivates Your Reasoning?

It can be very easy to point out the window… The challenge is to look into the mirror. A quote attributed to Alan Alda reminds us that our “assumptions are the windows on the world. Scrub them off every once … Continue reading

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(#191) React, Respond or Initiate?

Managers react. Leaders initiate. Ready for a little equation solving? What does each letter represent? E + R = O   This equation (I believe it is attributed to Clement Stone) reminds us to pause in our interactions and avoid … Continue reading

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