(#431) Pay Attention to the 360° View

If we gaze in one direction, toward the subject and the toward

the subject only, we miss the full spectrum.

On every sunrise beach walk, Roxie and I see people capturing the splendor of the dawn. Generally, with their phones in hand, they face the ocean and record a memory. Others just stop and take in the color and textures. Their eyes record the scene.

I have not seen many turn their back to the ocean and face west to snap a shot during the sunrise. And they miss another perspective. As the rising sun’s rays dance off the ocean, waterfront house windows capture the sparkle. The clouds glow orange. Occasionally, you will catch a rainbow over the roofs.

If we gaze in one direction—toward the subject and toward the subject only—we miss the full spectrum.  A similar thought process can be found within human resource departments.

You probably have taken part in a traditional job performance review where the employee gets a one direction review—from the boss to her.  Some organizations conduct a 360° performance review.  Allowing for more/all reports to review an employee’s work. While there can be issues with this evaluation process, it does move from the traditional unidirectional feedback.

A publishing colleague of mine told me that he did not focus on the markets that all the competition moved toward.  He decided to go to those few potential clients who were ignored as not having enough shine (read: potential profit) to attract attention. While the pack allowed themselves to be pulled to the brightest object, by friend turned his back and look the other way. And, he ended up being successful.

While the sun holds wonder, the boss has power, and the “big fish” in the market have earnings potential, think of what we miss by not turning from the center.

For the coming week, consider where you can alter your perspective in order to become more aware of where you stand?  What forces surround you that you may be missing due to a singular focus?

There may be splendor all around you that you miss due to reliance on the “tried-and-true” habits.

Video Recommendation of the Week:

Here is a 360° view from my kayak.  Each angle, each perspective holds wonder, beauty, mystery, and appreciation.

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Make it an inspiring and grateful week and H.T.R.B. as needed.

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