(#423) Poverty

When communities build walls to separate their people
(due to a poverty of understanding or compassion), the lack can seem insurmountable.

 “The world tends to define poverty and riches simply in terms of economics. But poverty has many faces—weakness, dependence, and many forms of humiliation. Essentially, poverty is a lack of means to accomplish what one desires or needs, be it lack of money, relationships, influence, power, intellectual ability, physical strength, freedom, or dignity.”Richard Rohr.

Rohr’s words convey that the concept of poverty goes beyond dollars and cents. At its heart, poverty is a lack of something—something that is crucial to humanness.

You know people (or you may have experienced it yourself) who have the dollars and cents but are poor (lack) in:

  • acceptance
  • authenticity
  • calm
  • clarity
  • critical thinking
  • discipline
  • education
  • evidence
  • health
  • hope
  • humor
  • inspiration
  • love
  • opportunity
  • peace
  • purpose
  • relationships
  • resilience
  • respect for others
  • respect for selves
  • security
  • spirituality
  • virtuous action
  • vision

When we experience poverty we feel, in that space, a separation from those who have what we do not.  It could be ego-based, or it could just as well be survival-oriented. Whatever its roots, it is real to us.

When communities build walls to separate their people (due to a poverty of understanding or compassion), the lack can seem insurmountable.  When those barriers are breached by humanity—kindness, understanding, assistance, education, nourishment on physical, spiritual, and emotional levels—we have a chance to address poverty.

When we continue to separate, demonize, fail to understand, or do not even attempt to communicate, poverty deepens.

Video recommendation for the week:

One view of poverty.

Make it an inspiring and grateful week and H.T.R.B. as needed.

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