(#290) Life Fitness and Mental Discipline

How do you walk around in something you were born with and
not know anything about it or not be aware of what affects it?
Charles Bailey

With December invariably come thoughts of New Year’s Resolutions—and just as inevitably, the breaking of those resolutions. Many of us will start with the desire to be in good shape, better shape, or best shape.  But something happens on the way to that better version of ourselves. Many will give up. Two of the perennially broken resolutions are to lose weight and get fit.

The reasons vary from unrealistic expectations (we overwhelm ourselves) to lack of action (we underwhelm ourselves). I call it “Big Intentions—Minimal Action.”  As I wrote on this blog three years ago:

If you lack discipline and the work ethic to make your dreams come true…
the lack of action will create its own reality.
But there are a number of strategies that we can all use to help us identify our goals,
take action, and enjoy the reality we want to create.

[Photo provided by Charles Bailey]

[Photo provided by Charles Bailey]

If physical fitness is part of life fitness, why do many of us “fall off the fitness wagon”? On Tuesday of this coming week (December 15, 2015), I will explore this further during Episode #9 of my podcast series on growth and resilience.  My guest, personal trainer and competitive power lifter Charles Bailey, will provide insights from nearly 30 years working with people on their life fitness goals. He reminds us that we all live multi-dimensional lives and for that reason it’s difficult to consider “physical” conditioning without also considering other dimensions like the emotional, social, and occupational components of our lives.  And that requires awareness and discipline.

But how many of us stop and think about these fitness components? As Charles said during the recording of our session, “How do you walk around in something you were born with and not know anything about it or not be aware of what affects it?”

steve and charles

Below you will find a few nuggets from my time with Charles. We dig down on each of these (and more) in our lively and thought-provoking conversation.

  • Don’t overwhelm yourself. Be realistic with your goals and timing.
  • If you use a trainer, “audition” him or her before engaging him or her for your fitness regimen. Charles provides a few key characteristics and qualities to look for in a trainer. (BTW: Charles is my current trainer in the gym. No, I’m not going to be a power lifter. I just want to be a fit version of myself.)
  • A trainer needs to pay attention to the client—and the client needs to pay attention to the trainer. Do you know what to look for during the first session and beyond?
  • Know your current fitness level and where you want to go. Consult your doctor/healthcare professional as needed to make sure you embark on and stay on a healthy and safe fitness program.  Take in as much accurate and appropriate information as you can. Do you have an awareness about your current fitness; understand the assumptions behind your fitness goals; and map out and carry out a smart action plan?
  • How big is your “need” to be in better shape? This will be part of your drive—and may well determine if you stay true to your fitness goals.
  • Proper nutrition is a major part of one’s overall fitness level.
  • If you have started a fitness program in the past, and then fell off the wagon, do you know how to minimize that from occurring again? How can your goals remain sustainable?

Fitness depends on mental discipline.  It’s not so much about how we measure up to the person next to us in the weight room.  It is more about understanding our goals, smartly planning to reach those goals, and then taking wise and consistent action.

I developed a five-component model for success that I used with my students and with audiences around the nation: P.R.I.D.E. ™ It fits our discussion about your fitness level.


[You also can access the video by clicking here.]

In short, when and if you consider a fitness program, understand why you are doing it; surround yourself with appropriate and healthy resources; stay focused and disciplined; and strengthen your resilience along the way.

Please click into the free podcast (again, it goes live on December 15, 2015).  Whether you work with a trainer or not, and whether you agree with Charles’ philosophy or not, you will hear information worth considering and evaluating to help you make the best choices for your growth and resilience.

Make it a wonderful week—H.T.R.B. as needed.

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