(#244) Do You Have Your Own Board of Directors?

I remain focused on surrounding myself with knowledgeable
and skillful people 
who will have my back—and
kick me in the butt when needed. Who do you have on your Board?

Corporations have Boards of Directors.  Institutions of higher learning have Boards of Trustees. Non-profits have boards to advise them. These boards can provide oversight and guidance.  They may be made up of passionate people who are deeply committed to the mission of the operation they advise.  Some may be very active; and others mere window dressing acting as rubber stamps for the organization’s leaders.

Perhaps you already have a mentor or a coach. Do you have your own Board of Directors (B.O.D.)?  A group of people who can advise you on various aspects of your career—and your life?

Image: David Castillo Dominici @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image: David Castillo Dominici @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Over the last few months I have been taking this notion of a B.O.D. seriously.  As I move into a new phase of my life and career, I am recruiting those who can offer guidance, direction, and pointed questions.  Below you will find a few of the “slots” I am filling.  As you can see, I’m having some fun with this—but remain focused on surrounding myself with knowledgeable and skillful people who will have my back—and kick me in the butt when needed.

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I’ve listed ten (10) Board members you might want to consider for your own B.O.D.

    1. CHAIR. This person is the choreographer of the Board. You need someone with vision and a depth of experience.
    2. COO: Chief Outside Officer. It is easy to become myopic if we only look at our industry/business/calling from within those boundaries. Get someone with a fresh pair of eyes who may not know much about what you do but who will be able to see opportunities or shortcomings you have long since overlooked.
    3. CQO: Chief Questioning Officer. Get someone who knows how to—and is not afraid to—ask the tough questions. Instead of brainstorming, this person will lead you in “question storming” on a regular basis. This person could double as your Chief Creative Thinker (CCT).
    4. CMO: Chief Marketing/Messaging Officer. How will you market your service, product, or cause? Find someone who has such experience. You need someone to help you get your message before the right people.
    5. CCO: Chief Content Officer. Marketing (see above) won’t help you if your product or service is crap.  Find someone who can help you with depth, research, and credibility.
  1. CEO: Chief Entertainment Officer. Who will help you keep things light?  Humor lightens the day…and keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously. Who will mix things up for you and your “people”? Don’t forget to have a little music in your day as well.
  2. CLO: Chief Logistics Officer. This person can help with daily tasks and travel arrangements. If you are immersed in the tiny details of day-to-day operations you may not have the time to work on what your true talent is. You may never be able to grow your talent into a true strength if you remain neck-deep in minutiae.
  3. CWO: Chief Wellness Officer. Maintain your balance and well-being. If you don’t already have an exercise and diet plan, this person can help jumpstart that part of your life. If you have one, your CWO will keep you on task.
  4. CFO: Chief Financial Officer. Like it or not, we all need a bean counter or two in our lives.  Not only for the day-to-day operations but for our long-term wealth building.
  5. CO-NOBS: Chief Officer of No B.S. Please do not surround yourself with YES people. You need folks who will constantly hold you accountable—and call B.S. when needed.

What other slots would you create for your B.O.D.?

Whomever you choose, make your board functional. It should move you forward in the service of your calling. It should help you develop your talent and skills.  It should help you keep your passion stoked!

Consider: And why stop with your business or professional side?  Consider a family B.O.D. as well.  You might not be the chair–but there are plenty of other positions for which you  have a talent.  Call an organizational meeting tonight!

Make it a great week. And H.T.R.B. as needed.

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