(Issue #466) Spoiled?

This week’s post comes to us from a guest first-time blogger, Roxie (BDE), my pet therapy team leader.  Enjoy her observations.

As the sun popped up over the ocean,
I thought if that is being “spoiled” then I like it.

Most mornings, after Steve and I finish our morning stretches and meditation session, we make our way to the beach for sunrise. One of the things I enjoy about these walks is meeting up with my canine buddies. Baby, Makers, Bear, Dino, Dash, Coco, Gigi, and Roscoe make up the regulars. We do the doggie handshake, jump around, and enjoy the company.  Not once have we ever exchanged a cross utterance. Civility at its best.  Steve refers to me as the Best Dog Ever but truth be told, my buds are pretty awesome themselves.

And, Steve always has a pocket full of biscuits for my buds and me. Yum!

On a recent walk, I heard one of the humans say to Steve, “…We think Roxie is the most spoiled dog on the block….”


Not sure what that word means. So, as Steve and I sat on the beach, I tried to figure it out.  What would make me “spoiled”? What do the neighbors see that would lead to that conclusion?  I thought of my life and thought “spoiled” must mean:

  • Never having a cross interaction with another being.
  • Getting affectionate touches from humans.
  • Going on two or three great walks a day on the beach and in the park.
  • Visiting the local dog park and having “sleep overs” at Pooches Playhouse.
  • Being served nutritious and tasty food each day. (Yum-yum-yum!)
  • Enjoying “couch time” at night with my people.
  • Getting a treat now and then.
  • Sharing a treat with my canine buddies.
  • Having comfortable beds to rest, sleep, and dream upon.
  • Receiving consistent love and attention from Steve and Laurie.
  • Being regularly bathed and cared for.
  • Having all my shots up to date.
  • Ministering to humans at the airport and the hospital each week.
  • Reading with elementary school kids.
  • Visiting high school students to help them de-stress.
  • Having a backyard so that I can enjoy nature.
  • Sleeping as needed.
  • Following commands from my person and being respectful.
  • Bringing a smile to the faces of people who may need a healing touch.

So, does Love + Health + Discipline + Relationships + Care + Attention + Purpose = Spoiled?

As the sun popped up over the ocean, I thought if that is being “spoiled” then I like it. Yes, I guess I am spoiled, and I hope my canine buds (and their humans, too!) are “spoiled” as well.


Video Recommendation for the Week

Perhaps Roxie is helping to heal one corner of the world. Listen to how the Reverend Elizabeth Teal explains this gift.

My book,
Community as a Safe Place to Land,

has been released! At this point, you can purchase it on Amazon. More purchasing options coming. More information at www.stevepiscitelli.com.

Make it an inspiring and grateful week and H.T.R.B. as needed.

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