(#412) Choices: Where Do You Choose To Be?

Once we choose who we want to be, people grow
“to the way in which they have been exercised.”
– William James –

One of my yoga practices this past week, inspired this blog.  As the instructor coached us into various stretches she encouraged us to “soften” into the pose rather than “resist” it.  Be “firm” but “not rigid.”  She reminded us that we need to remain mindful about our choices.

Dichotomies can be simplistic.  This-That. Black-White. Pro-Con. They can reduce important points to confusing and off-putting polarities. And they can lead to what is known as a “Black and White Fallacy” or a “False Dichotomy.” (See recommended video link below for more.)

They, also, help frame a conversation or thought to present apparent bookends for further examination.

Dichotomies can help us understand how we have exercised ourselves to be who we have become on the way to becoming who we will become. Where do our beliefs and habits fall? Closer to “this” or “that.” And what does that (or this) say about us? How do we feel about that message?  We need, though, to understand the nuances.

On the cover of a journal my wife gave me are the words: “When you reduce life to black and white you miss the rainbows.”

I offer the following list as conversation starters for ourselves and our communities; reminders for us to remain mindful about the choices we make each day that affect ourselves and our relationships.

I know you can add more to the list.

  • Accept-Reject
  • Ahh-Ugh
  • Calm-Storm
  • Clench-Release
  • Close-Open
  • Collaborate-Dictate
  • Collective Monologue-Conversation
  • Commit-Vacillate
  • Companion-Stranger
  • Control-Flow
  • Fear-Confidence
  • Free-Shackled
  • Friend-Traitor
  • Give-Take
  • Grow-Stagnate
  • Gullible-Informed
  • Habit-Disorder
  • Help-Hinder
  • Hope-Loss
  • I exist-You exist
  • Inhale-Exhale
  • Love-Manipulate
  • Passion-Apathy
  • Responsible-Hurtful
  • Solace-Angst
  • Talk-Listen
  • Truth-Lie
  • Yell-Discuss
  • Yes-No
  • Yummy-Yucky
  • ! – .

Who and where do you choose to be?

Video recommendation for the week:

Click here for a brief video describing Black and White Fallacy.

Make it an inspiring week and H.T.R.B. as needed.

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