(Issue #473) Legacy

What is your hope for your community? What do you want to see, and more importantly, what will you do to make it happen? What legacy will you help build and contribute to for the coming generations?

Last week, as I sat in the front row enjoying original performances at the monthly Atlantic Beach, Florida Songwriters’ Night, I had an aha moment.

This event, and its sister event, Acoustic Night, have been operating for sixteen continuous years. About three-hundred months (when taking both events into account) of music and entertainment provided by community residents of all ages. The events provide a safe place for people to test and stretch their stage presence and musical chops, while connecting with neighbors and visitors.

That night, I thought of how the events have become mainstays in the community.  It all started with a simple thought—a hope— I had taken to a community committee I served on in 2003—and it grew. I hoped to see a live, monthly musical event for and by the community members. I was fortunate to have had a cadre of help to move the idea forward.

  • An INITIATOR. The late Commissioner Desmond Waters nominated me to the committee-the committee that would eventually move these events from thought to action.
  • A BELIEVER. The committee chair at that time, Rusty, saw merit in the idea of a music event, and helped me push forward. Mostly, he helped me massage and develop the idea and, then, moved out of the way. A true leader.
  • A SUPPORTER. The City of Atlantic Beach has provided the resources so that this event could start, develop, and mature. They still do today.
  • A COLLABORATOR. Veteran singer-songwriter-performer-friend Mike Shackelford helped me stage the first (and all future events). He took on the tasks of stage host/sound man/and musical mentor. He still serves in that capacity today.
  • An APPRECIATOR. Or, in this case, appreciators.  It’s always about the audience. If they don’t come, there is no event.

As one performer finished on this night, and Shack helped the next one get plugged in, I was grateful to have had the opportunity afforded me by Commissioner Waters.  Sixteen years later. A proud feeling for what we developed in and for the community. But there was something else that tugged at my gut.

What’s next? What do I want to see sixteen years from now? What will I do to make that happen? Who will be the initiators, believers, supporters, collaborators, and appreciators? What do I want to smile at and feel joy about for my community?

And, I leave that question for you. What is your hope for your community? What do you want to see, and more importantly, what will you do to make it happen? What legacy will you help build and contribute to for the coming generations?

Video Recommendation for the Week

In this short video clip (63 seconds) I remind an audience that HOPE is a wonderful fuel—but it is not enough.

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Make it an inspiring and grateful week and H.T.R.B. as needed.

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