(Issue #474) Live, Lose, Laugh, and Learn

Fear can lead to growth inhibiting action or inaction.

When we stretch our comfort zone and no longer sit on the sidelines weighing options ad nauseum we can set the stage for flexibility and growth.

Photo by Steve Piscitelli. ©2019

I’ve always admired true entrepreneurs—real risk takers.  While I have never done anything so chance laden, I have taken pride in pushing myself to do things without waiting until all the safety nets were in place. If I had postponed and fretted, I would not have written and recorded two music CDs (with phenomenal musicians and friends who helped me produce the projects and kept me from “hurting” myself in the studio!), twelve published books, a podcast channel, a registered trademark, and years of national speaking engagements.

Same with Roxie (B.D.E.) and our pet therapy adventures. And a host of other community enhancement activities.

Even kayaking in the ocean. I’m embarrassed to share how fearful I was when I first paddled out from shore. White knuckle kind of trepidation.  I kept forcing myself—and over time the fear turned to respect for the ocean. That helped my mindset.

Fear can lead to growth inhibiting action or inaction.

The key I found is to jump in and do it. If we don’t fail, how do we know how much more we can grow? I think of some things I have done in major presentations that did not work…fell flat.  I did not like the feeling…and I grew from each uncomfortable situation.

Where can you jump in this week?

Video Recommendation for the Week

Enjoy this repeat video of outtakes from mistake after stumble after miscue I committed. These came over a period of months as I shot more than forty videos for a book project.  If I had given up after any of these frustrating attempts, the project would have suffered.

Live, lose, laugh, and learn.

My latest book,
Community as a Safe Place to Land,

has been released! You can purchase it (print or e-book) on Amazon.
More information (including seven free podcast episodes to highlight the seven core values highlighted in the book) at www.stevepiscitelli.com.

Make it an inspiring and grateful week and H.T.R.B. as needed.

You can still order my book Stories about Teaching, Learning, and Resilience: No Need to be an Island (2017). Another university recently (May 2019) adopted it for teaching, learning, and coaching purposes. Contact me if you and your team are interested in doing the same.

Consider it for a faculty orientation or a mentoring program. The accompanying videos would serve to stimulate community-building conversations at the beginning of a meeting.

My podcasts can be found at The Growth and Resilience Network® (http://stevepiscitelli.com/media-broadcast/podcast).

You will find more about what I do at www.stevepiscitelli.com.

©2019. Steve Piscitelli
The Growth and Resilience Network®


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3 Responses to (Issue #474) Live, Lose, Laugh, and Learn

  1. marianbeaman says:

    Steve, I admire your perseverance. By the number count, I see you are a few blog posts ahead of me, but who’s counting?

    And when did you slip in painting, amazing too! :-O
    My book launch party is scheduled for September 14. Details will follow.
    Now over to Amazon to purchase your book!
    My very best to you!


  2. Thanks for the kind words, Marian. No painting…dabbling in photography. So much to learn! 🙂 Please do send me the info on your book release. Best to you, young friend.


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