#48 Remembering Dezmond Waters

On Friday, April 15, 2011, Atlantic Beach, Florida lost its number one ambassador.  Dezmond Waters, in what he said and did, reminded us of the need to appreciate what we have. We live in a time when so many people seem caught up in immediate gratification and the what’s-in-it-for-me mentality.   In some ways, Dezmond was a throwback to a time when family, integrity, and community stood out as the measure of a person.  Rather than live a life of what is in it for me, Dezmond constantly looked at what was in it for the world around him.

I first met Dezmond years ago when his daughter, Blythe, was a student of mine. I came to know the family over the years and was always impressed with their closeness, intellect, and good humor.

In 1997, my wife and I moved to Atlantic Beach–and I came to know Dezmond in a different light. He served as one of our city commissioners for this beachside community. After attending a few commission meetings and talking with Dezmond privately, it became abundantly clear that he cared for his community.  Read that as he CARED for his COMMUNITY.  Write it big; say it loud. Dezmond was a “homer” when it came to Atlantic Beach.

In the fall of 2002, Dezmond nominated me to serve on Atlantic Beach’s Cultural Arts and Recreation Advisory Committee. He believed I would be a good fit and have something to offer.  As he did during his years a teacher, he saw something, reached out, and mentored.  I served on the committee for 3+ years and helped to develop our community’s Acoustic Night and Songwriters’ Night. These monthly events allow people of all abilities to showcase their musical and lyrical talents. They have become premier events that have gained a following and acclaim in our area. I have been the fortunate recipient of many accolades because I “started” the events.  Truth be told, if Dezmond did not appoint me that committee, many people would still be sitting in the living rooms singing to their dogs.  Another legacy of Dezmond Waters.

One of Dezmond’s former high school students wrote in the online guest book at www.jacksonville.com:

Mr. Waters truly showed me as one of his history and Latin students at Sandalwood  High School how to marvel at what your own back door has to offer….He had true impact on my life then and now the one I spend with my family.

Dezmond Waters left a lasting impact–a huge legacy–for his students and his community. I am glad to have known him.  And while words such as mine can ring with cliché and sentimentality, I can only hope that, when the final tally is made, that I will have made even a fraction of the impact he made.
Thanks Dezmond. You did make a difference for a community.

                                             (c) 2011. Steve Piscitelli and Steve Piscitelli’s Blog

[Beach photo by Maureen Buik.]

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8 Responses to #48 Remembering Dezmond Waters

  1. Ebonee A. says:

    Ebonee A.
    Making a difference starts within yourself. This does not only mean doin things differently, it means doin things the right way accordonly to how they shoudl be done. Making a difference can change lives for the better, and will even make the future brighter and clearer to see.


  2. Kerri J. says:

    Ever since i can remember, ive always said one day i will make a difference. So many people have this hidden talent that theyre too shy to expression or they dont know how or where too. If you really have passion for something, the only thing that’s constantly on your mind is “how can i make this a reality, not only for me but for the community?” I want to have huge daycare center for kids with autism. I want to be the one who shows these kids that they can turn disadventage into an adventage and not to be ashamed that they are not like all the other kids around them.


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  4. Jessica Davis says:

    This topic really had my attention because every since i could remember i have been telling everyone that i have to make a difference in this world we live in , Life is not all about us but the people we can touch and help in this world, we need more people in the world who can reach out to others and help each other , we all experience different things in life that can help someone eles who may be going through…I love this ! thanks for sharing.


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